autumn time

Autumn Time is Here

autumn time

Apples mellow, pumpkins yellow tell the time of year.

Nuts are falling, nature’s calling; autumn time is here.

Colors gaily changing daily, brighten field and wood.

Autumn’s glory tells the story, God is great and good.

Crisp, cool breezes, scarlet oak trees, frost brings colors clear.

Squirrels a-hurrying, chipmunks scurrying, Autumn time is here.

Jack Frost nipping, moon light tipping; Autumn’s come to town;

Sing the story of His glory; blessings all abound.

Come October, summer’s over, skies are blue and clear.

Clouds are rolling, sunbeams strolling; autumn time is here.

So creation tells all nations of God’s love and care

Giving us the happy message; God is everywhere.

A note about this poem:

The first four lines of this song are written by Ida F. Leyda, and are in public domain. We learned this song as children at Yoder School. In 2012, my sister Rachel wanted to teach this song to her Sunday school class, so she asked me to write more verses, and I did. I added the verse about “Jack Frost nipping” this week.

This song is published in Our Hymns of Praise, published and copyrighted by Herald Press, Scottdale, PA in 1958. It has a wonderful, lilting tune. You can see it below.

autumn time

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Photo credits: Mary Sharon Knupp (trees) and (squirrel and chipmunk)

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