apples hoosier cabinet
This Hoosier cabinet has been in the kitchen of my family for more years than I can remember. The baskets belonged to my mother, and when I see this photo, I remember home. Mama’s kitchen was cozy and warm. Her table was set with an abundance of food, and there was always room for one more. In this kitchen, I knew I belonged.

The house in which we live was dubbed Linger Longer by the folks who had it built in 1927.  In the twenty-one years since we’ve lived here, I’ve fixed a mess of meals in this kitchen.

The recipes you find here are the ones I turn to over and over again.  I can grab the cookbook from the shelf and the pages will practically open by themselves.  I use them again and again because they work and because my family likes them.  Each family has its favorite recipes, and these are some of ours.  You’re welcome to send me your favorites as well!

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