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Wise Men Still Seek Him, Today

wise men

Those wise men traveled for a long time, and from a long place to find the Child. By the time they found Jesus, He was no longer a baby. Jesus was nearly two years old and was living in a house in Bethlehem with His parents. It has been speculated that the gifts the Magi brought helped fund the middle-of-the-night trip to Egypt and their stay there until it was safe to return.

Every year, I ask God to show me something new in the Christmas story or the season. This year, I pulled out something written for a Christmas program over three decades ago. I have been remembering these lines, pondering the message, and asking God to help me learn what it is to truly seek Him. Let’s find our example in the wise men – and keep on seeking Him today.

wise men

Wise Men Still Seek Him

Wise men came to Jerusalem across desert land and sod,

A question burning in their hearts, “Where is He, the Son of God?”

Searching ’till they found Him, their gifts of love to share,

They opened up their treasures, fell down and worshipped there.

This infant grew in stature, found favor with God and man;

Doctors and lawyers marvelled – were astonished and sought His hand.

In the little town of Nazareth, by the sea of Galilee,

Children came to feel His touch and sat upon His knee.

Once He found a place to pray from the thronging people free,

When Simon came and spoke to Him, “Master, all men seek for Thee.”

The multitudes that thronged Him as sheep without direction

Found in Him strength and wisdom, love and tender protection.

Hurts and pains, diseases, strife and conflicts sore –

All were healed and mended as they sought Him o’er and o’er.

From across a vacant desert or on a dark and raging sea,

His disciples sought and found Him – and grew like Him to be.

Lessons rare of living; breakfast by the sea;

“Peter, do you love Me? If you do, then feed My sheep.”

And on the cross of Calvary they watched Him give His life.

He conquered sin; He conquered death, and arose, no more to die!

Then watching from a  hillside as He ascended to His throne,

His disciples sought to see His face, but He had gone on Home.

Our seeking today, though different from the searching of wise men then

Must lead to the Child born holy, the Messiah – the Savior of men.

And like the humble shepherds who believed the mssage given

Or the people who pressed around Him as He told of His Father in Heaven,

We, too, may claim Him as Savior and King, Who rules without end:

This Babe in the manger, the Christ of the cross, our risen Redeemer and Friend.

Wise men of old came to worship; the disciples came to love and obey;

And we who are wise will seek Him in our living and learning today.

Into our dry, vacant deserts and the raging seas of our hearts,

He comes with quiet glory; His blessing and strength He imparts.

No matter our occupation, no matter our color or size,

We, too, must seek Him to worship, for those who do are wise.

Oh, let us be like the wise men who traveled a rough, hard way.

Let us seek ’till we find Him, for wise men still seek Him today!

wise men


wise men

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