Where is the Angel?



Where is the Angel?

(The Angel of the Lord)


The windowpane is frosty

Where I gaze out o’er the hill,

And the pines with snow are laden,

And the moonlight seems to spill

O’er the valley, like the star’s light

Which that ancient night did blaze

In the valley where the sheep

Of Palestine did graze.


And I thought of sleepy shepherds

And the fire which they blew

To keep alive the only source

Of warmth and light they knew;

Till the glow of angel myriads

Blazed a path across the sky,

And the flame of hope engulfed them;

Praise to God on high!


Still, I gaze across the valley

To the village lights below

Where other sad hearts nurse the embers

Of their fading, worldly glow.

And I wonder: Where is the angel

To proclaim the great decree?

Then I saw the Father’s finger

Pointing tenderly to me.


The author of this poem is Gayle L. Christner Peterson. She is a cousin to my husband Dave and has graciously allowed me to share this with you. Gayle has four daughters, one son, and a precious granddaughter born this year.

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