God means it for good

When Things Don’t Make Sense – but God Means it for Good

God means it for good

The blueprint

If only we could see the blueprint God has for us, we wouldn’t have so many questions! My husband told his mother one day, “I just wish I could see ahead into the future.”

To which she replied, “You wouldn’t want to know. It’s better just to trust God.”

She was right. God can use any mistakes and failures – and He will give beauty for ashes

When things don’t make sense, there is one place I go for encouragement. It’s Bible history. By the time I’m done  revisiting these characters, I am ready to let God be God. That is because remembering these stories helps me remember that God means it for good.

The people who experienced God

  • Job. He lost his animals, his children, his health, and the encouragement of his wife. Because God allowed the devil to test him. There were things happening behind the scenes that were part of the blueprint.
  • Leah. Least-favored wife of Jacob. Given in marriage by her father to an unsuspecting spouse. Because Judah would be born from this union and produce the Messiah – the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.
  • Joseph. Sold into slavery, abandoned by his brothers. Lied about by his master’s wife, and became a prisoner. Because God sent him ahead to preserve his family and his people. It would not have been Joseph’s plan, but it was God’s.

God means it for good

  • Children of Israel. Slaves in a foreign land, made to work harder than before. Because God was getting them physically ready to leave Egypt and travel for years. They needed a pre-journey gym to get them ready, so God used Pharaoh.
  • Naomi. Widowed and childless. Because God planned to bring her and her daughter-in-law back to Bethlehem, where Ruth gave birth to the grandfather of King David – through whose line the Messiah came.
  • David. Fled from King Saul more than once in order to save his life. Because God was building character for his future kingship. David knew and trusted God.
  • Esther. Orphaned at a young age and raised by a cousin who happened to be part of the King’s council. Given to the king in marriage for convenience and not love. Because God used her position and her power to save her people – the Jewish race.

Even today

In every one of these stories, there is an underlying theme: God means it for good. If we take the time to look back over our lives, we can trace His hand. When others fail us, when heartaches are heavy, when life isn’t fair because people aren’t fair, God still has a plan. And it is good.

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