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Whatever You Do – Wash Your Hands!

Just Wash Your Hands

There’s a pandemic – at least, that’s what they say.

But the pandemic, I think, is the different array

Of thoughts and opinions and experts galore

Who claim they’re the best and know just for sure

What everyone else should be doing each day.

Does the count keep changing, or are numbers being played?


This one thing they’ve said all during this pans

Is “Don’t touch your face, and please wash your hands.”


To shelter in place or be out on the streets?

The quandary we face makes me weak in my knees.

Wearing a mask – is it good? Is it bad?

Such dilemmas we face!  Do we need to be sad?

Is six feet enough? Or should it be ten?

Should I wear gloves on my hands? If I don’t, what then?


The voice that is unified whatever the demands,

Is whatever we do, we must wash our hands.


Don’t eat with your friends, or go out on a date

Cough into your shirt and wash your own plate.

Don’t sing and visit with a group more than ten

Because the virus is sure to leave you alone then.

Numbers are tricky, but outside is better

So follow these distancing rules to the letter.

Try take-out and pick-up ’cause Walmart is safe

They won’t let the virus enter their gates!


Whatever you do and wherever you stand,

Don’t touch your face, and please wash your hands.


Is gardening okay or is that dangerous, too?

Kayaking or boating? Oh, what should one do?!

Let the prisoners go free but the public stay home?

What’s essential? What isn’t? A patient has to be alone?!

Should I go on a vent? Take the meds? What to do?

Is this just a pandemic – or  more like a zoo?


No matter your Party, we all understand

That most important of all is to keep washing hands.


So many voices – who’s right and who’s wrong?

Will we one day laugh at this ridiculous throng

Of voices and people who claim they’re the best

And have all the answers for all of the rest?

We are creatures of habit and creatures of choice

We are people who need other people, for sure.


But one thing for certain, we know they demand;

That whatever you do, be sure to wash hands.


Should I listen to Gates, Trump, Fauci – what to do?

Is the CDC right, the governor, or WHO?

The government meets – in groups of more than ten

But for anyone else, that’s really condemned.

So I watch and I listen and just shake my head

At things that are happening with this COVID-19 dread.


And one thing that experts all across our land

Say we should do is just wash our hands.


One thing I know (and we all can agree):

Relationships matter, no matter one’s age or degree.

Restrictions and conflicts cause such duress.

People should die holding hands of those they love best.

What we have learned through all this debacle

Is that family matters: kids, parents, aunts and uncles.


And no matter your party, religion, or fans,

Whatever you do, keep washing your hands!!


Fear is a choice, and worry the same

What we really should do is call on God’s name;

He can bring order and He can give peace

He has the answers, this I believe.

We can trust in His Presence, we can focus on Him

Or complain and decry that our  hopes are so dim.


When the last word is argued, this one thing demands:

Wherever you are, make sure you wash your hands.


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