What is Your “Only”?

Only 5000 Hungry People

This story is so familiar to most of us that you’d think there’s nothing new to learn. You know, the story of the little boy with his lunch of five loaves and two fish.

It had been a long day, and the disciples were tired. Tired of giving, tired of ministering, and tired of people. We’re talking several thousand folks here, wanting to hear Jesus and be healed by Him. They had been with Him all day long, and it was getting toward evening. Time to send these people home! At least, that was their idea, and their plan. 

They went to Jesus and said, “It’s late and we’re in a deserted place. It’s time to send these people away to get their supper.

Then Jesus said, “Oh, let’s give these folks something to eat.” [Did I hear somebody say “Hospitality”?]

This was not what the disciples had in mind.  One wonders what happened between Jesus telling the disciples they needed to feed the people and the next statement. Obviously, they looked around the mass of folks to see if anybody had any ideas for what to fix for this crowd. They came up with something, but it wasn’t much. It wasn’t much at all, considering the size of the crowd. 

Only 5 + 2



Nevertheless, they found something. It wasn’t much, it wasn’t big, and it wasn’t going to go very far. (At least so they thought.)


They told Jesus, “This is all we got. I mean, if You think You can do something with this, have at it.” (Paraphrase mine).

What they really said was this: “We have only five loaves and two fish.”

Because Jesus was God, He wasn’t worried. He knew what He could do with those five loaves and two fish. 

His response? “Bring them to me.”

They did. He blessed their “only” and a miracle happened. Just like that.

What is Your Only?

How about the next time God asks you for something, instead of arguing or trying to weasel your way out of it (like the disciples did initially), you bring your only and give it to Him. How about watching Him bless it (that only)? How about sitting down and watching to see what He does with your only

And then, how about, when He asks you to help distribute the only you brought to Him, you become part of the miracle as you parcel out your only and watch it multiply and multiply as much as a thousand times!

How about that? How about being a part of Kingdom work?



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