What God Used

God usedGod used

a resourceful mother

a watchful sister

an intuitive princess

and a baby’s cry

to save a leader for His people.

God championed

a killer-turned fugitive

a hidden sheepherder

a staff in a hand

and a burning bush

to prepare that man to lead His people

God corralled

a hardened Pharoah

ten plagues

a stuttering tongue

and obedience

to lead His people out of bondage

God usedHe can utilize

any Pharoah

any heartache

any circumstance

and any failure

to accomplish His plan for His children

God equips imperfect people

because that is who we are.

The question is not, Is He able?

The question is: am I willing to be

a mother 

a sister

a princess

or a cry

so God can change the world, one life at a time?

Am I willing

to be that voice 

to help bring His people out of bondage

and into the Promised Land?

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  1. I love this! Excellent point-by-point synthesis. Showcases the power of the truth presented.

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