“Well, Lord, it’s just me and You”

just me and YouAlone, but not alone.

We need to tell others about the “just me and You” times. It’s been a year since my friend underwent open-heart surgery.  She texted me on the anniversary of that day.

“I’m so glad it is not last year, today!” she said.

We are all glad she is on this side of that surgery.

What is especially heartwarming is hearing the stories of others who walk with God. It gives confidence to those of us who might one day walk that trail. It gives encouragement to all of us in our personal journeys. We need to tell the stories. This is one way the elder women teach the younger, as commanded in scripture.

The other Sunday, Renie told us about her experience the day of her surgery.

“I said goodbye to Larry and they put me in a room all by myself. I laid there on that stretcher, waiting for them to come take me for surgery. I was all by myself. I felt so alone, and I laid there and cried.”

Then I said, “Well, God, it’s just me and You.” She is crying now.

By this time, we were all in tears.

Renie went on to tell us, “I felt this calm come over me, and I went to sleep. I didn’t even find out when they came to take me to surgery.”

When it’s just me and You

Did Renie need to share this for us, or for her? I know the answer. She needed to share this for her and for us.

Renie needed to tell what God did because it validated to her, again, the Presence she experienced. She needed to tell what God did so she will not forget.

She also needed to share this for us. There were ten of us in that room and all of us, from those in their twenties to those in their seventies, needed to hear it for us. When we hear these testimonies, it gives us a treasure to take with us. Sometime, when we experience a time of being alone, we will remember, and we, too, will pray, “Well, Lord, it’s just me and You.”

I believe in that moment, we, too, will experience the Peace and Presence of Jesus – if we are walking with Him. It will be real.

We need to tell about those “just me and You” moments to pass on the legacy of our faith in Christ. We do this, not just for us, but for those not yet born.  We must not keep the secret to ourselves. When we show our brokenness, our aloneness, we help others in their journey, and we validate the experience ourselves.

Tell your stories. It will help you remember and make certain that others don’t forget the goodness of God.

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