Waiting When Your Eagle is Unable to Fly

waitingWaiting on God.

Sometimes the wings of eagles can no longer soar. There are times we can hardly run. Other times it is hard to even walk. Those are all times when we must wait on the Lord.  In those times, we can still be unwearied; we can still walk without fainting. That is because we have learned how to wait on the Lord.

How do we wait? What do we do while we wait? When do we wait instead of running ahead?  What does it really mean to wait?

Being while waiting

Waiting does not mean that we do nothing. We remain active where we are; we continue to be who God wants us to be while we wait. That takes effort and commitment. It means we do not throw in the towel. This also means we do not give God a timeline on how or when to do things. We simply wait because we trust Him.

To wait means “to stay where one is or delay action until a particular time or until something else happens.”  Waiting on God means we stay or delay action until God says move. Waiting means we are not impatient; we trust while we wait. How easy is that?! Waiting also means we get out of the way of God. God does not need our help. He needs our cooperation.

waitingLearning to wait

How does a person learn to wait? By waiting, and waiting, and waiting some more. We learn to wait by not trying to rush God; we learn to wait by trusting His timing. Sometimes it means we stop asking “Why?!” or “When?!” and ask instead, “How?!”  How can I serve You while I wait? How can I show You and others that my trust is in You while I wait?

When we are people who are “doers”, who like to fix things sooner rather than later, it’s hard to wait. Yet, that is what God asks us to do. He can fix things better than we can, so waiting gets us out of the way and allows Him in the picture, which is exactly where He needs to be.

waitingSoaring, Running, Walking

No matter how we’re moving, our strength comes from within and it comes from God. We get that strength by waiting on Him. Isaiah tells us  He gives power to the faint and He increases strength to those who have no might. No matter our physical condition or frailty, He provides strength.

No matter if we are young or old, sturdy or frail, we can soar, run, or walk without losing strength. All we have to do is wait on Him. When we wait, we are trusting that He keeps His promises. He always does keep His promises.

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Photo attributions: Bee Lyata, Klappe, and Torben Stroen from pixabay.com


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