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Three Things We Can Learn From Children


How I enjoy the sounds of children laughing at play! It’s a reminder to me that we should all laugh more than we do.

I remember the day several of our foster kids were playing just hours before the court hearing that would determine their future home. The kids were outside, riding their bikes and having a blast. I heard their laughter through the open window. I wondered how they could be so happy when I was so concerned for them.

There’s so much we can learn from children if we take the time to consider. Jesus Himself used a child as an example of someone who has a teachable, pliable spirit.  He said that, unless we become like little children, we can’t enter the Kingdom of God. There’s a reason He used a child as an example.

We do well to learn from them. We also do well to follow their example. We can if we are willing to become like them.


Becoming Childlike, not Childish

  • Children are blind to many differences.

    They don’t notice color, culture, or class. Language barriers don’t exist because they find ways to communicate and have fun even if both don’t speak the same language. They realize that a smile, laughter, and hugs cross any barrier. We should do the same and become childlike in relating to others, especially those who think differently or whose culture is different from ours.


  • Children are resilient.

    They are resilient both physically and emotionally. Any physician can tell you that children respond quickly to treatment and return to normal much quicker than do adults. It’s the same emotionally. That’s why my kids could laugh hysterically at each other in their play just hours before the judge made a lasting decision. Life happens and is difficult for adults, yet we should practice resilience by becoming childlike in our response to difficulties. Children are carefree because they don’t spend a lot of time worrying. We can (and should) develop that childlike trait.



  • Children are forgiving – they don’t hold grudges. 

    You’ll find that children don’t hold grudges unless they are trained by adults to do so. When you ask a child for forgiveness, they’re quick to say, “It’s okay.” They don’t have to think about it first because forgiveness is there instantly. They are ready to forgive and move on. When battles are fought over toys or who gets to go first, the incident is (usually) quickly forgotten. Anger disappears in moments and the discord is dismissed as friends remain friends. We should become more childlike when it comes to forgiving others and not holding grudges.

    We should become more like children.

    There’s a difference between being childish and childlike.  Too often, without even realizing it, we become childish in relating to others. In our relationships (whether it’s family, friends, or faith folks) we should become childlike.

    Practice becoming like a little child. Friendships will be easier and the load will be lighter. Laughter will become an important part of your heart!



As adults, we like to think we’re all grown up and mature. Yet truly, we do well to become like little children. We will be happier, and so will everyone else around us.

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