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This apron of mine is so stained  ( it’s not new)

For I’ve worn it so often with work to do.

I’ve used it to wipe off my counter and hands,

And to open a myriad of tight lids on my cans.

 It’s been used to wipe dirty smudges on ears

And it’s sometimes been used to dab away little tears.


It’s stained from flour and sugar and milk,

Vanilla and nutmeg, and half-and-half silk.

The pocket is smudged from things stored inside,

Like pencils and screw drivers, flower petals that died.

Though I’ve washed it and bleached it, the stains still remain

It’s old and it’s worn, but this apron I’ll claim.


It’s a symbol of wealth and a symbol of worth

‘Cause it’s naming and claiming the best title on earth.

The work is unnoticed and not recognized

By the charges I have – they’re too little of size.

Some day they’ll remember the pleasures of home

And appreciate the fact that my kitchen was throne.


For the hub of the house is surely the place

Where a family finds belonging and plenty of grace.

There is calm and there’s safety in the everyday things

Where kitchen’s the heart of the home – don’t you think?

The apron that’s worn and is stained for all time

Is a symbol of work and a mom’s sacrifice.


And the kitchen’s the place –  at the end of the day

Where each kid belongs in his own special way.

The stories they share, the memories they make

Will carry them through the paths that they take.

And the apron that’s stained or ragged or torn

Will be waiting for them when they journey back home.


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  1. omgosh you post the most beautiful little stories …..the recipes are wonderful too…..but you always bless me so much with your posts of encouragement!! Thankyou soooo much..You are truly a beautiful person….

  2. Browsing this morning and just happened to find this post! So beautiful and good food for thought and very true in my own life! God bless your day.

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