thirty little fingers

Thirty Little Fingers – a Book Giveaway

thirty little fingers

Thirty Little Fingers is about life as a mother. A mother of three, then of more . . . .   Each addition is a blessing, but not all days are full of calmness and quiet. The days are long and the nights are short.

There is no Norman Rockwell painting in this book. Just daily living with little people.

  • A junk drawer that never stays in order.
  • A mini van that is clean only until the next trip to town.
  • A sleepless night with sick children. More laundry, more cleaning, and even blearier eyes.
  • A husband who calls anyone who drives that fast stupid, only to find out his wife is the guilty one.
  • A dental appointment with an astronomical bill when there are many children to feed.
  • An evening of locking the bedroom door and kneeling to pray and to cry because life is so hard.
  • Reaching out to neighbors only to find out their language is different than ours and the way we do things is foreign to them.
  • Hosting a Muslim exchange student more than once
  • The birth of another baby, and then another one, and another one until there are (presently) seven.
  • A personal relationship with a Savior who is REAL.

thirty little fingers

Interspersed with vignettes are recipes and poetry.

  • Stories about life with a Muslim exchange student.
  • Stories about the tragic, unexpected death of a brother.
  • Stories about doing marriage well and not so well.
  • Stories about loving children and being too tired to care.
  • Stories about the faithfulness of a husband and the faithfulness of God.
  • Stories that every mom (especially with young children) needs to read.

thirty little fingers

thirty fingers

Sheila comes from a family of ten siblings (including one in Heaven). She has been married to Michael for twelve years and is mother to seven children. She prefers science over History, creeks over rivers, and fiction over non-fiction. She prefers boys over girls, and shoes over sandals; but she likes boots best.  What’s her best way to relax on a stressful day? Her confession: Escape to my bedroom to use the bathroom there or to nurse the baby, with a book in hand; full confession, I will do this even when I have a houseful of company 


You can enter to win one free autographed copy, which will be mailed to you at any stateside address. Please write your name in the comments to this post before midnight on May 31, 2018 to enter the drawing. If you’re the winner, I will contact you for mailing information.

You can purchase this book through Carlisle Press at 1-800-852-4482. Or you can order from Christian Light Publications.

To purchase your own autographed copy of Thirty Little Fingers (or buy one for a gift for your friend) send a check payable to Sheila Petre at P.O. Box 127, Mercersburg, PA 17236. Books are $13 each (which includes shipping to US addresses). Five or more copies, $11 each. PA residents add 6% sales tax. For larger-quantity discounts or questions, email Sheila at



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  1. Jane Eby-especially interested in the experience of hosting a Muslim exchange student.

  2. Oh my,sounds like our life!We have 8 children…most of them grown up n out of our home.How well I remember those struggles n concerns.We have 2grandsons now with another grandchild expected this fall!This sounds like a very good read for me,(lest I forget),and for my daughters n daughters in law!
    God Bless,Rosanna

  3. Genida,
    You are the winner for this book! Please send me your snail mail address.

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