Things About Life From a Blackberry Patch


Every summer, the blackberry bushes in our pasture produce gallons of blackberries. Seriously. We’re talking 40 gallons when we’ve kept track.

There are some things about picking blackberries that are a lot like our journey in life.

Here are a few brambles for the road:


The small berries are usually sweeter, even though it takes more of them to fill a bucket.

While you may be tempted to bypass the smaller berries, it makes sense to pick every single berry that’s ripe because small berries help fill a bucket, too.

Being prepared is important. Clothes that cover limbs, and bug spray make a difference in the patch.


This critter was busy in the bushes, too.

When you take the time to pay attention, you’ll see things you didn’t know were there.

The ebb and flow of life continues every day, no matter what’s happening in my life. It’s another assurance about “seedtime and harvest.” 


blackberry patch (And, in the middle of a blackberry bush, there’s a nest with newly-hatched babies.)                                                                    










There will be thorns. (Berries that grow on thornless bushes are not as sweet.) I’m not saying the thorns make the berries sweet, but the sacrifice of getting scratched and pricked is worth it for the end result.

You have to dig deep and be willing to get hurt to get in there and pull out those berries hiding down in the bushes.

The end result is worth the trial. Whether you’re making blackberry jam, blackberry cobbler or blackberry pie, the sweat and thorns will be forgotten when you enjoy the fruit of your labor.



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