They are Grown – and now They’ve Flown

Now they have flown.

Raising kids is busy, full, and hard. Then, in what seems like just a moment, there is a burst of flight and they are out of sight. They’ve left the nest – flown away to build their own world.

How does it happen so quickly when time moves so slowly during difficult days? I don’t know; I only know it does.

Suddenly our nest is empty. They are building their own. Here we are.

How did we get from there to here?! How did the table that was filled with three kids down each side so quickly become empty with only two?

Our offspring have roots, and they have wings. Yes, here we are.

They are grown. They have flown.


We built the nest. They arrived, one by one.
Our lair was bulging till all was said and done.
Always room at the table and room in our hearts
The years rolled on by. Oh, where to start?!
                   . . . and now they’re grown

We grew them and loved them, pushed them out of our nest,
Preparing for life and giving it our best.
With roots for their faith and wings for their feet
Watching them grow up was bitter – and sweet.
                                   . . . and they’re grown


We laughed and we quibbled and wondered aloud
How to truly know what was best for our crowd.
We floundered and faltered; days were short, nights were long
As our nest gave them roots and they knew they belonged.
                                            . . . now they’re grown

In summer and winter, springtime, and rain,
Harvest aplenty and memories gained.
The years have kept rolling; they’re still part of our fold.
Still, His faithfulness continues as we’re growing old.
                                     . . . and they’ve flown.


The cycle continues; yet surely they know
That our love won’t diminish wherever they go.
Like fragrance of incense and light from a flame
We keep praying out blessings again and again
                            . . . cause they’ve flown

In shadow and sunshine, in blessing and rain
Our nest is a reminder of all we have gained;
Though gone from our shelter; they still are our own.
And our nest eagerly waits for their journeys back home.
                           . . . they have flown

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Photo attribution goes to Pixabay.com


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