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“My Next Executive Decision Was to Burst Into Tears”

I have never met Katrina – except through her blog.  My husband is related to folks who are kin to her, but we’re no relation. We’re alike in some ways and different in others.  We’re both  nurses and both writers.  She’s written four books, and I’ve written two. While both of us lost our mothers to cancer, she lost hers at a younger age than did I.  She’s been to other countries to work as a nurse while I only dreamed of doing that some day.  She’s single, and I’m married.  She’s in her thirties and I’m . . . well, you can almost double that.  Both of us love Jesus and belong to Him.  That makes us sisters.  I’ve never forgotten this story, and although I had to scroll a ways back to find it, it was still there waiting to be read again.  Here is the story – with her permission, of course.


The State Trooper Who Finished My Blog

From under the semi truck in front of me, a cloud of lumber, cardboard boxes, and foam pieces exploded across the toll road.  I drove right into it, boards clattering against the front of my car, unidentifiable debris spewing into the road behind me.

I’m that geek that goes home for Thanksgiving and comes back loaded with favorite new quotes.  Or maybe I should blame the geekiness on my family, for providing me with the quotes.


And now that you’ve started, I know you’ll want to mosey on over and finish the story on  her blog.  All you have to do is click here and you’ll be there!  I’m sure you’ll want to stay awhile and check out her blog.

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