The Lily in the Valley

Lily of the Valley

Hidden Lilies

The rake clears away fall leaves and winter twigs, leaving fresh white blossoms peeking out from under newly grown leaves.  It is spring, and I am surprised again when I discover Lily of the Valley blooming in my flower bed.

After all these years, you’d think I’d remember these flowers. Somehow I never do. By the time winter is over, another year has come and gone since these flowers last bloomed. In those twelve months, the flower bed has become encroached with piles of fallen leaves and broken twigs.  In those twelve months, I forget.

Until, that is, the rake peels back winter’s debris and uncovers what has been hidden – but blooming nevertheless – under forgotten dreck.  Underneath winter brambles and broken twigs, underneath worn, weary sod, there is hope, for there is life.

Blooming Again

Every spring when I clean my flower beds and find those petals, I remember. Every spring, when I unearth those flowers, I remember a scripture: “I am the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys.” [Song of Solomon 2:1].

And every spring, when I find the Lily of the Valley, I remember a song: I Found the Lily in My Valley.

The Song

There’s a story behind this song, and you can read it in its entirety here.

Quinton Mills, the author, is a Native American Indian and a member of the Haliwa-Saponi Tribe located in Hollister, NC.  He accepted the Lord Jesus Christ in 1972 after many years of addiction to alcohol, drugs, and rock music.  This gospel song was written on February 12, 1986 in Clinton, South Carolina.

After a service in which he preached, there was an altar call.  A lady came forward asking for prayer.  Another minister who was assisting Rev. Mills  told the lady, “Sister, I don’t care what kind of valley you’re going through; Jesus will be your Lily in that valley.”

Quinton Mills went back to where he was staying and felt the Lord nudge his spirit as thoughts flooded his mind. He prayed, “Lord, I know that you spoke to me tonight in a special way and I will not go to sleep until You give me what I felt so special.” In a couple of hours, he had written I Found the Lily in My Valley.

Lily of the valley 3

I Found the Lily in the Valley

By Quinton Mills

All alone and broken hearted, trying to calm the raging battle in my mind,

In search of many answers that my troubled soul just could not seem to find

I saw a flower blooming where there was no rain or sunshine,

And I  knew that this flower would change the rest of my life.


I found the lily in my valley, I found strength when I was worn;

I found a place to leave my burdens, I found refuge from the storm;

A place where I traded my dark skies for beaming rays of sunshine,

I found a Lily in my valley, and He blooms all the time.


So if you’re down and broken hearted and you just can’t seem to find peace of mind,

You’re searching for your answers, but your problems are getting worse all the time.

Just reach your hand to Jesus,

He’ll take you in and break the ties that bind.

He’ll be your Lily in your valley

And you can watch Him bloom all the time.


He’ll be your Lily in your valley;

He’ll be your strength when you are worn.

He’ll be a place to leave your burdens;

He’ll give you refuge from the storm.

A place where you trade your dark skies for beaming rays of sunshine,

He’ll be your Lily in your valley

And He’ll bloom all the time!

Lily of the valley 2

Listen to the song

To hear Quinton Mills sing this song, you can listen here or here. If the links do not work, you can listen to Brian Haney sing it here. And, as you listen, allow Him to be your Lily in whatever valley you are facing today.  Allow Him to be your refuge; allow His fragrance to permeate your soul.

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