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The Difference of Light

difference of lightMorning sunlight

Before this morning, I ignored the difference of light. For three mornings, I sat at the kitchen table looking out the windows, those smudged, dirty windows. The sky never seemed as bright or as blue during those days. But then, as the day wore on and the sun moved higher in the sky, I forgot about the windows – until the next morning when the sun shone right through those windows facing east. If I waited long enough, the sun moved higher in the sky and its rays did not shine directly through the windows. Again, I forgot about the windows.

This morning, my coffee wasn’t as warm or as tasty because the dirt on those windows glared at me. I knew it was time to do something about those windows!

Because of the Light shining right on the windows, I could no longer ignore the spider webs, the smudges, the breath  marks of the dog or the finger prints of kiddos who visit my home. The morning rays on those areas showed me how desperately the windows needed to be cleaned.

Scripture light

Light exposes darkness and it exposes dirt. It was only when the morning rays shone through the windows that I realized how dirty they were. In the middle of the day, the sun’s rays rays are indirect and the windows do not seem as dirty. Yet they are just as dirty when the light is not shining on them; not as noticeable, not as visible, but they are  dirty nonetheless. The directness of the light’s rays exposes what is normally not seen.

I’ve found that when I expose myself to Truth I will easier see the cobwebs in my soul. The smudges on my heart are noticeable when I sit in the direct rays of Truth. The fingerprints of hurt are exposed when there is light. When your vision is clouded because the windows of your soul are smudged by sin, anger, worry, or betrayal, sit by your soul and expose it to Light. You will be able to see how affected you are by attitudes and desires that are not from a Holy God. Scripture tells us that all things become visible when exposed to the Light.

Expose your soul to light – then do what it takes to clear your vision. Take the steps necessary to clean off the cobwebs, wipe away the smudges, clear away the fog from a sin-weary world. Let the difference of Light change your perspective, your vision and your goals.

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Photo Credit: Яна Андреева at pixabay.com.

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