How Finding the Source Provides the Solution

finding the source

finding the sourceFinding the source.

Any doctor can treat the symptoms of a disease; he can assume he knows the problem. ‘Trouble is, sometimes the symptoms take us down the wrong path to finding a solution.

That is why it is important to find the source, or root cause of the problem. Once we know that, we can find the solution.

It’s that way in any area of life. Whether it’s your marriage, kids, fellow employees, or church comrades, when there’s tension or conflict, we need to find the source or the root problem. Whether you’re a plumber, an electrician, or a builder, you know when there’s a problem you have to find the source. Once you know the source of the problem, you can figure out the answers. When there is unrest or lack of unity, there is a reason. Until we find that reason, we cannot find the solution. Sometimes we can find the reason if we are honest with ourselves. Indicative of human nature, we throw the blame on others so we do not need to admit the truth.

No easy answers.

finding the sourceSometimes, unfortunately, we don’t want to recognize the source of the problem. We look the other way instead of admitting what we know to be true. We try to fix the problem by using a solution that will not correct the situation. It’s easier to pile coverup over the problem than dig down to the root cause. Cover-up might be quicker and easier; the end result might look the same at first. But it won’t pay in the long run. Ignoring the source of the problem or covering it up only causes problems down the road.

When you’re in this predicament, ask God to give you wisdom and show you the root cause. Sometimes the exterior crack goes a long way back, all the way to the foundation. Sometimes we have harbored bitterness and it shows up years later. Hebrews talks about our need to be careful so that no root of bitterness can spring up in our lives, affecting not just ourselves but others. Sometimes relationship conflicts stem from bitter roots. Be willing to dig down and dig out. Take the steps necessary to locate the source so you can build new with the solution.

Finding the solution

This I know. Jesus is the Source for the Solution for any circumstance we face. He provides Life for anyone who claims Him as Lord. He can show us the source of the problem, and He will show us the solution. Jesus is the Solution to any problem. He is The Source to the source of any problem we face. Have you asked?

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