The Key Word in the Longest Chapter of the Word of God

Word of God


The Word of God is referenced as being quick, powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing right through our hearts. Sometimes as teachers or as parents we find different ways to tell our kids the same thing. We might use different examples or different words, but the idea is to have our kids get the point.

I think God does that in Psalm 119. Even though it’s a psalm and not a chapter, it’s the longest “chapter” in the Bible.

This Psalm is divided into 22 stanzas, and there are 176 verses.

You know what I find amazing? Every single verse  includes a reference to God’s Word. Check it out. There are many facets to the Word of God.

These words are included: precepts, commandments, testimonies, judgments, law, wordstatues, ordinances, way, truth.

Sometimes I pick up my Bible and go through that chapter just to be reminded of how important is His Word.  Each time, I find treasures about the wealth and richness of His Word, I am encouraged in my walk with Jesus to keep holding on to the Word.

How important is the Word of God to us?

  • Is it the guide by which we follow?
  • Is it the plumb by which we align?
  • Is it the standard by which we measure?
  • Is it the law by which we live?
  • Is it the truth on which we stand?

How about you? What touches you about the theme in this longest chapter of the Word of God?


Word of God