#3 – What I’d Do Differently in Raising Kids – Instant Obedience

hurts me more than it hurts you

Instant obedience instead of delayed obedience. That’s one other thing I’d do differently if I were raising my children again. It’s a response to the question my kids asked me the other week. For starters, I don’t think we parents need to walk around, ready to drop the gauntlet on any child who does not obey instantly.  Children should not be frightened of a parent and afraid of what they will do next. The goal … Read more

The Heart of Christmas

joy to the world

The true heart of Christmas The true heart of Christmas is not about gift-giving, family times, or even through worship events. The true heart of Christmas is much deeper and broader than all of these. When we look at the people and the story of the first Christmas, we see something that transcends the goodwill and giving of Christmas. Without this one characteristic of the people God chose for this Christmas story, there would be … Read more

A Man’s Best Friend

This dog! His name is Timber, and he belongs to our son Tim. “I’ve never seen a dog that listens so well,” my friend said to me. We were sitting at the picnic table and Timber waited patiently at the end of the table, the plate of shrimp tails and shells at his feet, untouched. Timber cocked his head, waiting. Yet he never moved his position or his poise. He just stood, waiting. On the … Read more

How to Prove That I Love Jesus

When all is said and done, there’s a record of  how we’ve lived. For those who lived thousands of years ago, God kept a record as well. For some of them – and, I believe, especially for those of us who claim to be His children – God kept a record. He recorded what mattered. You’ll find those folks in what we call the Faith Chapter: Hebrews 11. If you grew up in church and heard the … Read more

A Second Chance for Moses

Poor Moses. He’s called to lead the people of Israel out of bondage in Egypt when he never campaigned for the job. He stutters and he has a temper. Not exactly the marks of a good leader. Yet he serves a God who continues to give him a second chance. The first time his temper gets him into trouble is when he kills an Egyptian in anger. We could say the anger was justified because the … Read more