Does Knowledge Have a Fragrance?


Recognizing a Fragrance The doctor for whom I worked had me stymied. “You know,” he said. “She’s the patient who always wears turquoise and Este de Lauder.” “Huh?” I asked. “How do you remember that?” “I just remember fragrances,” the doctor told me. “Do you know how many patients we have coming in here who wear Este de Lauder?” I asked. “Yes, but she always wears turquoise and always wears a skirt – never pants.” … Read more

How Beauty Comes from Pain

The fragrance from crumpled petals. It wasn’t my church, and it wasn’t my people, but a friend told me what happened that Sunday after church. Half a century later, I still remember. I remember the beauty that came from the fragrance of crumpled petals. Beauty from pain! The older lady stopped to speak to a group of girls standing outside church one Sunday morning. A woman of graciousness and character, she moved with assuredness and certainness. … Read more

One True Fragrance (in Marriage)

Roses. I do like roses and their fragrance. ‘Especially on our anniversary, my birthday, on Mother’s day, or any other time in-between. Especially other special times, like the births of our babies – I like roses. I used to tell folks that when I wanted a dozen roses, all I had to do was have another baby. While it’s true that roses were waiting for me six times over when I got back to my … Read more

Spring is On Its Way

I see before me through the rain A tree with buds on it again A-burst with life ‘mid winter’s strain For spring is on its way. The flowers of plenty in the ground Are bursting forth from all around Soon flower and fragrance will be found For spring is on its way. So you who wrestle and wearily plod And sometimes ask and question God Be still – and list! Spring breaks the sod For … Read more