An Omer for the Woman With the Alabaster Box – Devotional #3


There is no right or wrong way to study the Bible; yet following a pattern can help us find gold in the stories. Finding these treasures will help us apply truth to our own lives. An omer was a biblical unit of measure for dry grain. During their wilderness travels, an omer of manna was God’s provision for each person each day. The Background of this story To understand what is happening in this story, you … Read more

Love Means (Never) Having to Say You’re Sorry  


Love Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry First published in Discover Southside in 2009, this article is also listed in “The Attic” of this Blog. Our kids are grown and mostly gone now, but I still remember those days. Maybe reading about my failures will encourage you to watch out for these mistakes.   Caught Red Handed Just the other day my teenager and I had words about emptying the dishwasher. He never wants to empty it, so when he … Read more

Remorse or Repentance? There’s a Difference


The Easter story and the aftermath is full of emotion and rebirth. It also has its share of sorrow, betrayal, and denial. As Jesus was facing the Cross, He was abandoned by the disciples. By the time He died and rose again, the disciple circle was in shambles. I’m sure when Judas looked back at what he had done, he realized there were ways he could have done things differently. He was remorseful, but he … Read more

Apologizing Second Instead of First


Apologizing is easier if the other party goes first. When I walked into the kitchen that morning, it was apparent that I’d need a knife to cut through the air. Two boys seated at two different tables. Each boy had his own bowl, spoon, and cereal on the table and a gallon of milk. Two gallons, one almost empty, were sitting there in the summer heat. Obviously, these two boys were not going to eat at … Read more

Forgiveness: Taking the First Step

When I don’t feel like putting my best foot forward, and when I’m not even sure what to do next, I remember.   I had slipped into a private room on campus to spend some time alone with God.  After minutes of crying out to God and telling Him that I just couldn’t possibly forgive the person who had hurt me, I lifted my eyes and saw the poster in front of me. “The journey of a … Read more