like Jesus is coming

“Sweep Like Jesus is Coming to Dinner”

like Jesus is coming

Like He is coming

I did not sweep the house like Jesus is coming when we got back home. We left the house in a semblance of order because I do not like to come home to a messy house, especially after being gone for a week. Somehow in the unpacking, the kitchen floor remained un-swept after our return and I failed to notice. That’s because sweeping the floor is not one of my favorite things to do.

Perhaps it’s because my hubby is a contractor and his return to the house means more dirt comes in, often moments after emptying the dirt from the dust pan in the trash can. It might also be that our kids tracked in dirt faster than a tornado and there always seemed to be a reason to wait until after lunch or after dinner because it seemed useless otherwise.

A swept floor gives an appearance of tidiness even when things are helter-skelter in the house. It also speaks of order in spite of other things staring at us in disarray.

Getting ready; acting like Jesus is coming

Tonight, I finally swept the floor. The place looks better already. I tried to sweep like Jesus is coming for dinner. It made a difference. I did it more cheerfully and more carefully because I imagined I was getting ready for Jesus to walk into my house.

“I told Chloe to sweep the steps like Jesus was coming for dinner,” my niece told our congregation during the children’s lesson on Sunday morning. When we do something for the right reason, it makes it easier to do it right and to complete the task. When it’s about Jesus and not us, it changes our focus.

like Jesus is comingLive like Jesus is coming

So this week, in the mundane drudgeries of everyday living and every day battles, do it because Jesus is watching and is already there. Do it like He is going to show up in your house or at your work, or at your family event.

Sweep like Jesus is coming for dinner, and you’re guaranteed to do the best job you can possibly do. Not only will it make a difference today, it will make a difference each day and in each event.

He really is coming!

Because, truly, one day Jesus is coming. So get ready. Be ready. It will be worth it all, someday.

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