Stronger Than the Struggle


Caterpillar Lessons on Struggle

As kids, we watched caterpillars develop their own cocoon. When I was in first grade, our teacher placed a caterpillar in a jar and screwed the lid on tight. She punched holes into the lid so the caterpillar was able to breathe. In less than two weeks, the caterpillar developed legs. It began shedding its skin – many different times. Each time it shed its skin, a new skin was there, waiting. The caterpillar hung upside down, waiting. The chrysalis was soft, then it became hard. That is when we knew the butterfly would be emerging soon. First, its wings were tiny, crumbled, and wet. It could not fly. It was a struggle. Working its way out of the chrysalis made the wings stronger. The wings had to become dry and strong. The struggle was real. Did the butterfly concentrate on the struggle or on what it was becoming?


Did the caterpillar know what it was destined to become?

The Struggle -and the Answer – is Real

Anything worth having is worth pursuing. The struggle is real, but the struggle should not be our focus. Too often, however, we focus on the struggle instead of reality. As believers, we have an armor and a shield that provides protection and deliverance, no matter how strong is the struggle.

Scripture tells us,

Greater is He [Jesus] that is in you than he [Satan] that is in the world. 

What struggles are you facing today that seem overwhelming without answers or hope?  You are not alone.

The same Jesus who could have called ten thousand angels to bring Him down off the cross (but didn’t), the same God who raised that same Jesus from the dead, the Creator of this universe – that same God- is greater than any storm, surge, or struggle you might face. He is with you in your struggle. Search for Him until you find Him!

struggleIn the darkness of our cocoon, we need to remember the beauty that comes from the struggle. In the weakness of wet wings, we need to remember there is strength that is ours.

We are Never Alone in the Struggle

We are not alone. There is strength that is ours because of Jesus Christ. When we think we can’t, we can. Scripture also tells us that we can do all things through Christ because He gives us strength. 

struggleThe struggle is real. Life is not easy, and sometimes it’s more than hard. Yet, focusing on the struggle makes it harder still. 

When we focus on our Source for strength, the struggle loses its hold. Alone, we are not strong enough. But with God, we are stronger than the struggle.  

Don’t forget that. Remember to focus on the Source and not the struggle. Instead of hiding in your cocoon and refusing to budge, do what needs to happen next. Wiggle your wings, stretch your muscles, focus on your Source, and you will find that you are stronger than your struggle.

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