Spring is On Its Way

spring is on its way

I see before me through the rain

A tree with buds on it again

A-burst with life ‘mid winter’s strain

For spring is on its way.

The flowers of plenty in the ground

Are bursting forth from all around

Soon flower and fragrance will be found

And night will change to day.

spring is on its way

So you who wrestle and wearily plod

And sometimes ask and question God

Be still – and list!

Spring breaks the sod

As God wills it to be.


Be still – and list – and quiet be

And He Who Is Eternity

Will calm your storming, raging sea

For spring was meant to be.


New life, new birth from God’s green earth 

Thus, Spring will help you see

As fragrance comes from broken buds

So Spring can set you free.

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