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Second Batch Recipes – Our New Cookbook



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Who We Are

As children, we were called The Miller Six. Sometimes we were called the Miller Girls. Our family referred to us as the Second Batch. That’s because our father claimed to have “two batches” of children. He did.  Six years after the death of his first wife in childbirth, he married our mother and their six girls became his “second batch” of children.

The Cookbook

Two years ago I decided it was time to compile my recipes into one book. Rather than going to ten different cookbooks, newspaper clippings or recipe cards I had saved, I wanted them all to be in one book. Because I often “borrow” recipes from my sisters, I asked them for their favorite recipes, and we decided to make this a collaborative effort of the six of us. Some of these recipes also came from our First Batch siblings or their spouses.

So now you know why we call our cookbook Second Batch Recipes. My original plan was to put our recipes into a cookbook for our daughters and nieces. Many people have asked for a copy, and that is why we are making it available to the public.


For information about ordering Second Batch Recipes, click here.  To go right to the “cart”, you can start by clicking right here.

*Free Cookbook Giveaway*

In order to be entered into the giveaway, you need to post a reply (either on this Blog Site or on the Facebook page) – with an answer to the following question: “What is your favorite homemade food or dish that is from your family?”

Responses must be posted by Friday, December 29th. The contest drawing will conclude by midnight EST on 12.29.17 and the winner contacted soon after. Shipping applies only to the continental U.S.

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  1. I’m not sure I could pick a very favorite! One dish I often make is my mom’s “Old Faithful,” called that because when she couldn’t think of anything else to make, we’d have Old Faithful. It is layered ground beef (or sausage), potatoes, cabbage, onions, and carrots steamed in a skillet and topped with cheese before serving.

  2. Maura so hard to choose a favorite, but my dad and I share a love of homemade fruitcake during the holidays!

  3. Merle’s Chilli for a group! I have been making this for the past 10 years for our annual church camp. makes about 7 gallons.

  4. My mom’s spaghetti sauce! It was the best. She always put grated carrots in it. Lots of fresh garlic.

  5. A lot of people would remember my mom’s cracker pudding, although there were a lot of recipes she made that I liked better than the cracker pudding. I think I would have to choose her pumpkin pie.

  6. My aunt Dot’s carrot cake made with cream cheese icing is a family favorite! She died several years go but I have a copy of the recipe in her handwriting. A treasure!

  7. One of my favorites would have to be our yeast dinner roll recipe that has been passed down through my mom’s family! A holiday tradition that I have continued with my family.

  8. One of our family favorites that we always make at Christmas is Russian tea cakes. But they have to have almond flavoring in them! They just aren’t the same without it!

  9. Not sure that it’s a family recipe but date pudding was a favorite we had around Christmas. And my grandmas ground cherry pie was wonderful!

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