A May Day Tribute – a Re-post

May Day

Today is May Day. In honor, I share this post again.  A May Day tradition begins. Drop a pebble in the water . . . It is spring, and the month of May is awaiting its curtain call. In Appalachia, sisters are walking home from school, carrying their books. It is 1968, after all, and backpacks have not yet arrived on the school scene. The sixth and seventh-grade siblings are talking about their day at … Read more

On Gardening and May Day

It is May Day eve, and it is raining hard. For hours, the sky has threatened its downpour, and now it has come. I hear the pelting on the roof and I hear the wind. Inside, I am safe and warm. And tomorrow? Tomorrow is May Day. Tomorrow, the sun will shine. Tomorrow, “the flowers will appear on the earth, for the time of the singing of birds is come, and the voice of the … Read more

Blueberry Tart (Blueberry Lemon Galette)

blueberry tart

Flaky blueberry goodness The other Sunday when hot summer temperatures disappeared for the day, we ate lunch on the deck. A fresh blueberry tart was on the menu – and was it ever filled with buttery, flaky berry sweetness! I could not get enough of this goodness, so it’s good there was just enough to go around. No substitutions in this blueberry tart! There is nothing like the goodness of a buttery pastry that is … Read more

Anti-Abortion or Pro-Lives? A Call to Redemptive Engagement with the Abortion Crisis – a Guest Post


More than one way to be pro-life. The recent passing of the Reproductive Health Act by the New York State Legislature has served as a chilling wake up call to many Christians. The passing of this Act removed a long-standing ban on abortion after twenty-four weeks, effectively making it possible for a full-term abortion of any child if sanctioned by a healthcare professional. New York joined eight other states that provide no legal protection for … Read more

Getting Your Kid Ready for College – a Repost


College Parent Six Times Over  (a repost) I’m not an authority on this subject because I’ve only sent six kids off to college. Every year for the past fourteen years, we have had one, two, or three kids in college. This fall I will have three in grad school (and paying their own way, so don’t feel sorry for us). My kids lived on campus and in apartments. Usually, their college was close enough that they … Read more