Resolutions for the New Year

resolutionsA new leaf any day of the year

Resolutions are not magical. There’s nothing powerful about the New Year. We can turn over a new leaf any day of the year. We don’t need to wait until January 1 to do this.

The hoopla of the New Year brings no magic, no hidden secrets on a different agenda. Changing a routine or a tradition, just to change it, has no merit. That’s why we should think carefully before we come up with resolutions that make no sense for the remainder of the year.



Before you  think about resolutions for the New Year, remember that most resolutions are never kept for an entire year. Some of us make it longer than others, but the fact remains that our lofty plans usually sink easily when storms come, because we are not moored in reasoning and practicality.

Practical resolutions

When you’re making resolutions for the New Year with your family, consider this:

  1. Reasoning. What is your reason for the resolution? Is it based on a whim or is it well thought before you claim it as yours? Does this endeavor honor Christ?
  2. Make it do-able. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Be realistic. If you chew on this for a while, you’ll get the point. Can you do this in honor to Christ?
  3. Start small. You can always add to the list of resolutions. It’s better to start small and succeed than start big and fail. That’s because Jesus is all about us feeling the power of completion.
  4. Consider capabilities and ages. Make room for the ages of your children and what they are capable of doing. Don’t expect a marathon if you haven’t done a 5K. Make certain it draws your family closer to Christ, rather than away from Him.
  5. Purpose. Consider if this is what God wants for you and consider honestly your purpose in the resolution. It might be a good resolution, but make sure you arrive at the destination in the right way.

The most important resolution is our desire to walk with Christ in the coming year. Having resolutions can help us in that journey. Make sure those plans are in harmony with His heart.

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