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Praying the Attributes of God for Your Family


Praying for our family and others should be a priority for each of us.

There are so many ways we can pray that help us become more acquainted with the Word and the character of Christ. Ever since my kids were small, I’ve used scripture as a model for my prayers. Praying the heart of God back to Him for our kids is powerful. Allow me to explain here.

This is the method that I used years ago. Recently I pulled that paper out of my files and decided to update it for use in my prayer time. The idea first came from Krystal Yoder, who was the mother of seven children, two of whom are in Heaven. Krystal is with Jesus now and her children are reaping the benefits of their mother’s prayers, even as adults.

Rather than just a simple, “God bless so-and-so, be with him/her and keep them safe. . . ” this list focuses on attributes we should be praying for those we love. Using the alphabet, one can compile a list of attributes of God and use those attributes to pray for others.


Instead of simply asking God to protect or bless someone, ask Him to let that person experience Him as the Shepherd of his soul, as the Sure Foundation. Covenant with God to have this loved one be reminded of his Salvation in Christ. If the loved one is not saved, pray that this person will find his Salvation in Christ, will long for a relationship with the Shepherd, and find Him his Sure Foundation.

Each week, use a different alphabet letter and concentrate on attributes beginning with that alphabet letter. Praying like this is authentic and creative, and it will help keep you awake as you find words to put with the attributes you are praying for in the folks you love.


I find as I focus on specific character qualities, I become more cognizant of Who God is and who He wants me to become. God becomes more vivid to me as I think of Him in terms such as Almighty Author, Benevolent, Compassionate, Deliverer, Everlasting, Faithful, Gracious Guide, Helper, Infinite, Joy, King, Love, Master, Never-failing, Omnipresent, Prince of Peace, Quickening One, Restorer, Shepherd, Truthful, Unfailing, Victorious,  Wisdom, X-Bearer, Yearning One, and Zealous Fulfiller.


Never forget that prayer is about communicating with our Heavenly Father. He knows our hearts, and He hears our desires, even when we can’t find a way to say what we’re feeling. Scripture tells us that the Spirit prays for us with groanings that can’t be uttered. There is no specific way that a person should pray. This idea is merely a suggestion of a way to help you become more aware of the character of God as you pray more specifically for your friends and loved ones.

I encourage you to make your own list of the attributes of God. I will share mine (combined with the list from Krystal) below.

Attributes of God:

  • Able, All-Knowing, Almighty, All-Powerful, Alpha and Omega, Always Present, Anchor, Anointed Son of God,   Author and Finisher of Faith
  • Beautiful, Beginning and End, Beloved, Benevolent, Bishop of my Soul, Blameless, Blessed, Bread of Life, Bridegroom of the Church, Bright and Morning Star
  • Captain of my Salvation, Caring, Comforter, Compassionate, Consuming Fire, Cornerstone, Counselor, Creator
  • Defender of My Soul, Deliverer, Diadem of Beauty, Divine, Door of Salvation
  • Enthroned, Eternal Life of my Soul, Everlasting Father, Ever-present, Exalted
  • Faithful, First, Flawless, Forgiving, Fortress, Foundation, Fountain of Life, Friend Closer than a Brother
  • Gentle, Glorious, Good Shepherd, Governor Among Nations, Gracious, Great Guide, Great High Priest, Guardian of Soul,
  • Head of the Church, Head over All Principalities, Healer, Heir of my Faith, Helper, Helper of the Fatherless, Holy
  • I AM of the Ages, Indescribable, Infinite, Image of the Invisible God, Inheritance of my Soul, Invisible
  • Jealous, Jehovah-Jireh (Provider), Judge, Just One,
  • Keeper, Key of Knowledge, Kind Shepherd, King Eternal
  • Lamb of God, Light, Living Water, Lord of Lords, Lover of My Soul
  • Majestic, Maker, Man of Sorrow, Master, Messiah, Merciful, Mighty King
  • Name Above Every Name, New and Living God, Never-Failing, Noble
  • Offering, Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient, Only Mediator between God and Man,  Only Wise God
  • Passionate, Patient, Peaceful, Pearl of Great Price, Perfect, Physician, Priest of Most High God, Prince of Peace, Protector, Pure
  • Qualified Opener of the Books, Quest of my Soul, Quickening Spirit, Quiet Place
  • Radiant, Redeemer, Refiner, Refuge, Restorer, Resurrection and the Life, Righteous, Rock
  • Satisfier of my Soul, Savior, Seeker, Shepherd, Shield, Shield of our Salvation, Slow to Anger, Sovereign, Spirit, Steadfast, Strong, Supreme, Sure Foundation
  • Teacher, Tender, The Truth, Tree of Life
  • Unchangeable, Undefiled Son of God, Understanding, Unfailing Love, Unfailing One, Unique, Uplifter
  • Very Present Help in Time of Need, Victorious, Vine of all the Branches, Vision of my Soul
  • Water of Life, the Way, Wisdom of God, Wonderful Counselor, Word of God,  Worthy of Praise
  • X-Bearer for my Sin
  • Yasha the Savior of my Salvation, Yearning
  • Zealous Fulfiller of all Righteousness

Here are some scriptures I use in prayer – these show the attributes of God. Click on the reference to read the verses.

How blessed we are to be able to come to the Throne of Grace for those we love – and for our own spiritual needs as well. Jesus is our Great High Priest, and we come to the Father through Jesus Christ. We need no other go-between and – according to Hebrews 4:16 – can boldly approach His throne.

Go to the Throne. There you will find mercy – and grace to help you in times of need.

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