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When it’s time to pick up your life  secrets hidden

You can only pick up your life when you recognize there are things that bog you down, keeping you from doing life. Real life. Sure, we can function normally and fulfill responsibilities; but inside, the things that eat away at us are the things that keep us from doing life well. I know some folks like that. I’m sure you do, too.

Sometimes it’s the things we wish we had – and don’t. Sometimes it’s a relationship gone south – and sour. Other times, it has to do with our lack of management at home, when things continue to spiral, leaving us in turmoil inside and out. Many times it’s a result of what we feed our minds – which end up affecting our hearts and our outlook on life. There are still other times when we are in a funk because we’re angry, bitter, jealous, or frustrated.

This is when it’s time for us to stop and pick up our life.

When I’m in a funk or in a turmoil because of things happening in my world, these are some things I do. When I do this well, it always works for me. The key is that I must be honest with myself. It’s easy to put the blame on others or shift the focus on things or people instead of taking inventory of my heart.  Yet, I know if I want to really enjoy life, I must do this right. I must pick up my life.

pick up your lifeThings that make it hard to pick up your life

Attitude. This is the main thing that makes it hard to deal with life. Our attitude affects everything we think, everything we say, and everything we do.

Do you have a critical attitude? How often do you find yourself critiquing others? How many days go by without your making a snide or critical remark to someone about someone else? How much enjoyment do you find talking about others in a negative or critical way? How much of your day is spent focusing on others instead of focusing on God?

Do you have a negative attitude? Of course, if you have a critical attitude, you already have a negative attitude. Negativity shows up when we put others down, find a way to humiliate others, or refuse to compliment or support someone. Oh, we might not be found guilty of showing negativity verbally, but lack of support is the same thing, even though it’s subtle.

Do you have a comparing attitude? Do you notice what others have or don’t have, and wish for the same, or pride yourself that you’re not like them? Does it matter to you how others folks’ kids are doing compared to yours? Do you pay attention to what others can afford that you can’t, or that you can exceed? That’s comparing. When we compare, we feed into a mindset that is not godly. It puts us in a funk and hinders living in victory.

How to pick up your life

When I’m disgruntled, afraid, frustrated, or angry, I stop and look for the real reason behind these emotions. This is when I must be honest with myself (and sometimes with others).

  • Ask yourself:  what is the real reason or cause for these frustrations and feelings? Is it jealousy,  inferiority, or comparison? Is your critical spirit an asset to your spiritual life or are you using it to negate your own inadequacies? 
  • Be truthful about what is causing your discomfort, begrudging, jealousy, anxiousness, and comparison. Stop blaming others or using circumstances or people to excuse yourself. Admit to yourself that you are wrong.
  • Confess your sin. Any of these attitudes: jealousy, critical spirit, begrudging, and comparison are sins against God (and sometimes against others).

Filling in the chinks

When we struggle with these attitudes, we leave holes in our armor. The hours we filled our minds with these thoughts have taken up so much of our time. When you admit these attitudes, you must do something else with that time. If you don’t, you will fall back into the same rut. Clean out the room, but fill it with something else, or those thoughts will come right back, stronger and fiercer than before. God said it – I didn’t. 

With what do you fill your mind? Negativity? Comparison? Criticism? Get rid of those thoughts and attitudes.

Fill your mind with thoughts of God, His goodness, and sing the praises of others instead of criticizing them. Focus on thoughts God wants you to have instead of the lies Satan has you believing.

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