Pico de Gallo Cabbage Slaw

pico de gallo

True Belizian Our family and church friends spent a delightful Sunday in the home of our friend Anna, whose mother is Belizian.  Anna’s parents live in Belize but have been visiting in the states for several months. This is a unique way to make a slaw and, if you like Belizian flavor, you’ll like this.  The recipe is simple and easy.  You’ll need cabbage, tomatoes, onions, cilantro, lime juice, olive oil, and salt and pepper. … Read more

I Am That Mean Mama

mean mama

“You are that Mama!” He came through the back door, holding his finger in front of him for me to see. “Yook, Mama,” he said. “There was a yittle boy outside who hurt his finger, and he needs his Mama to kiss it. And you are that Mama!” I smiled as I bent down to inspect the hurt finger. “And you must be that little boy,” I responded as I offered my medicinal kiss. Yes, … Read more

OCD – Should I Claim that Fame?

Who doesn’t have OCD?! We all have a touch of OCD – and some of us claim it more than others. Some claim it with pride, and others with chagrin. I remember my friend and I talking about our Instant Pots. I’ve got hard boiling eggs down to a science in my Instant Pot, and she feels she does, too. However, our approach is so different. She purchased an insert to put in her Instant … Read more

Erma’s Homemade Bread

the bread is rising

A New Recipe There is nothing like the aroma of homemade bread, fresh out of the oven! I enjoy making bread, and I enjoy trying new recipes. This recipe makes a soft slice of bread – probably because it has milk as one of the ingredients. The story behind the recipe I begged this recipe off my niece who got it from her twin sister (also my niece, of course). Beth got the recipe from … Read more

Giving Your Kid What is Best – Even When It Hurts

Giving What is Best Can be Painful. As hard as it is, if our love is real, we’ll give our kids what is best  – even when it hurts. In the throes of raising kids, sometimes it’s just plain hard to keep that goal in mind. It’s hard to focus on where I want my child to be then when it’s so painful now. The little girl in this story is now grown and working full time. … Read more