When Christians Fall Short: Singing Louder or Being Silent

Christians fall short

How Christians fall short It matters not what we think we believe or what we say we believe. What matters is what we do. What we do or refuse to do says what we truly believe. Sometimes our lack of action or our overzealousness tells the world what we really believe. There are times we are simply ignorant, and other times we refuse to learn. Sometimes we have no idea what is going on, and … Read more

Parenting: Applauding Less Than the Perfect

applauding less than

Applauding less than Every parent has trouble applauding less than the best. Because Dave is a contractor, we have endless pieces of lumber and plenty of nails at our place. Our boys learned to work with Dave at an early age. Their days were more frequent and longer than they wished, but they had no choice. Dave is meticulous in his work and he expected the same from his sons, even though they were too … Read more

Dave’s Waffles


Starting them young When our kids were young, Dave started a tradition of fixing pancakes for breakfast. Sometimes he made waffles. One morning when he was out of town, I decided to make pancakes, whereupon I was informed that I did not know how to make pancakes or waffles: only Papa knows how, I was told! I made the pancakes and the kids let me know they were not as good as Dave’s. So now … Read more

Parenting: Change Your Child’s Want To

your child's want to

Change the will Learning to change your child’s want to is not a new idea. It’s as old as the Canaanites and the hornets God sent their way. God promised the Children of Israel that He would drive out the Hivites, the Canaanites, and the Hittites from the land so the Israelites could possess it. He promised to send hornets to move them out of that land. Whether or not these were real hornets or … Read more

How to Obtain Righteousness

unloved woman

Righteousness Righteousness is an attribute of God. It can only be obtained through a relationship with Jesus Christ. It does not matter what we do, what we say, where we go, or how we act. Unless we have a relationship with Jesus Christ, we cannot be righteous. We live out our faith through a right lifestyle. Righteousness is something we should pursue, but it cannot be produced. It is a gift from God. It cannot … Read more