When God asks us to do the Dirty


Doing the dirty. Naaman did not do “Dirty”. As commander of the Syrian army, he was respected, a brave soldier, and of importance to the king. No doubt he was used to treatment that was royal and the best. That became a problem when he got leprosy. Neither his money, his status, nor his position could buy him a cure or even treatment. For when one had leprosy, he was unclean. There was nothing he … Read more

Homemade Marinade for Grilled Chicken

homemade marinade

Homemade marinade This recipe for homemade marinade comes from my sister Alice, and it’s in our cookbook Second Batch Recipes. Mix up the marinade the evening before and allow it to seep into the chicken during the  night. After marinating the chicken for several hours or overnight, grill, and serve. If you are serving a crowd, you can keep chicken warm in stoneware while you grill more chicken. There are so many choices of sides, … Read more

The Best Way to Keep a Secret

keep a secret

Do I need to keep a secret? Is it important to keep a secret? I’ve sat on more secrets the past year than I’ve had to in a long time. Keeping secrets is an honor, and a must. I’ve squirmed in my seat trying to keep the cat in the bag, but wanting to tell something I knew. I’ve almost popped some buttons trying to remember not to say anything that takes me down the … Read more

Why We Need to Tear our Hearts Instead of Our Clothes

tear your hearts

What to tear In Bible times, people showed anger, sorrow, grief, despair, or torment by “rending” their clothing. To “rend” is to tear something into two or more pieces. While this can be construed as just a ritual, for many people it was a sign of showing sincere remorse, grief, or regret. Anyone can tear a piece of clothing without much effort. One might not tear something precious to him into pieces, but an article … Read more

Skillet-Blackened Salmon

blackened salmon

Blackened salmon You can do this blackened salmon in the oven or in a stove-top skillet. I chose to do mine on top of the stove because heating up my oven heats up the kitchen. And by the time the oven gets hot enough, the salmon on the stove-top can be done. Salmon is a great food for anyone. It is low in saturated fat and cholesterol and is a great source of protein. There are … Read more