They are Grown – and now They’ve Flown


Now they have flown. Raising kids is busy, full, and hard. Then, in what seems like just a moment, there is a burst of flight and they are out of sight. They’ve left the nest – flown away to build their own world. How does it happen so quickly when time moves so slowly during difficult days? I don’t know; I only know it does. Suddenly our nest is empty. They are building their own. … Read more

Clothesline Therapy


My clothesline story Back in the day when all six of my kids were still at home, I wrote this piece.  It’s published in my book Southside Glimmers.  I still use a clothesline, and occasionally I have kids in my home who help me hang out laundry. And yes, bed sheets are still the best when they’ve been hung on a clothesline to dry. More Than Just a Clothesline Summer Saturday nights were the best … Read more

Easy Homemade Cornbread

Cornbread Cornbread is best when served fresh out of the oven – especially when it’s baked in a cast iron skillet!  You can bake it in any pan, but there’s something about the taste when it’s baked in cast iron that is just plain down-home country. I got this recipe from my friend Bertha Showalter years ago when we had dinner in their home. My kids devoured her cornbread and begged for seconds. Little wonder … Read more

When You Disagree With Someone’s Parenting

disagree with parenting

You disagree with parenting? Parenting is hard enough without so many voices disagreeing with how we raise our kids. At the same time, if a child is endangered or is emotionally abused, it’s time to speak up. It’s not so wrong to not always agree, but how we go about it when we disagree about parenting is what is paramount. In the normal throes of life, we need to allow parents to raise their kids … Read more

What I Learned from a Queen – How to Appeal

how to appeal

The pre-queen I met her through the pages of a book. She was queen during a tumultuous time. There are some things about her story that don’t make sense, but I have to leave that with God. During the course of her life, she used her power to win favor with the king. That favor saved her life and the life of her own people. Truly, she was in that palace for such a time as … Read more