Family Devotions – The Why and the How

Crafting the Word One evening the teacher of one of my kids told me at the end of a community Bible school that our kids knew more about the Bible than she did. “He could just have taught the class,” she said. I didn’t tell her that he came home and told us he was bored because “it was all stuff I already knew.” You know why? It wasn’t that our kids were that smart … Read more

God as Mother – a Guest Post

God is like a mother

Is God like a mother? One of the books in our required premarriage counseling reading was a book about men and women made in the image of God. I had never considered the parallel in female and male characteristics that together encompass the nature of God.  Scripture  tell us God said, “Let US make man in OUR image, after OUR likeness. . . .  Male and female created He them.” Together, male and female bare … Read more

Cream Cheese Fruit Delight

Cream Cheese Dessert. This is a great dessert, no matter which season of the year. I grew up on this dessert, and someone almost always brought it to family reunions or church potluck dinners. It’s one of those dishes that keeps people coming back for more. We referred to this as Cherry Delight because it was often made with cherries. Sometimes we made Blueberry Delight. I’ve changed the name because when you’re making it with … Read more

The One Thing Lacking

The rich young ruler had one thing lacking. The man had everything going for him – but one thing. He was young and wealthy. His entire life was ahead of him.  He was a ruler in the synogogue, and he knew the scriptures. Yet his positon, prestige, and wealth left him empty inside. This rich young ruler came to the right person when he came to Jesus. He asked the right question, and he got … Read more

The Different Ways of Families

It starts with different families. Our friends grew up in different communities and, of course, different families. Naturally, they had different experiences growing up, as each family created a harmony of its own. Mealtimes around her family’s dinner table included conversation, tasty food in pretty dishes, and homemade bread served in a basket with a dainty, linen napkin. Always homemade bread, and always served in a tidy basket with a clean, linen napkin. At his home, … Read more