How Barriers Provide Protection


Barriers Have a Purpose On these cold, cold winter days, we have developed a strategy for staying warm: close up some rooms and heat only the ones we’re living in. It works.  We used to do that back on my  home place in western Maryland when winter howled outside. The wind blew its way through cracks and outlets in the house as below-zero temperatures hovered outside. One week we hauled the sofa and an easy … Read more

What is Your “Only”?


Only 5000 Hungry People This story is so familiar to most of us that you’d think there’s nothing new to learn. You know, the story of the little boy with his lunch of five loaves and two fish. It had been a long day, and the disciples were tired. Tired of giving, tired of ministering, and tired of people. We’re talking several thousand folks here, wanting to hear Jesus and be healed by Him. They … Read more

Oven Bake Lasagna

Easy Oven-Bake Lasagna I wonder how many times I’ve called my sister Alice for this lasagna recipe. Oh, I wrote it down, all right. I just kept losing the paper I  had it on! One day I finally put the recipe on a pink index card and stuck it in my Longaberger recipe holder.  Now when I want to make this recipe, I just look for the pink index card. Oh, but there are a … Read more

Why Marriage is Hard – And the 3-C Antidote

marriage is hard

Marriage is hard. It can be fun and delightful, but it’s hard work. The question is this: How badly do we want our marriage to be good? How hard are we willing to work to make it fun? Whether we’re striving for a degree, pursuing proficiency in learning an instrument, or saving money for a car, there are things we are willing to do and things we are willing to sacrifice to reach the goal … Read more

SALT. What Can a Lowly Mineral Teach us about Living for Jesus? #4 Salt Creates Thirst

salt creates thirst

I recently had the opportunity to descend 650 feet into the earth for a tour of a salt mine. We saw a chunk of 99% pure salt, glimmering in the light, almost see-through. There were boulders of salt cut out of the cavern, only 4’ across, and weighing many tons. I couldn’t resist going up to one and licking it. This particular mine covers miles, and is still active today. You wouldn’t think salt would be … Read more