How to Help When a Family is in Crisis

family in crisis

Helping families in Crisis. Recently, we had an influx of visitors in our home because a family member was being treated for burns following a helicopter crash. So many people stepped up to the plate to help, and the simple things they did made life easier for all of us. This was not the first or the only time folks have lent a hand. We experienced caring during the time of Mom Slabach’s journey with … Read more

Orange Julius Drink

Need a cool, refreshing drink for these hot summer days? This Orange Julius drink will satisfy your palate any time of the day. You’ll become a fan of young and old alike when you serve this beverage! You only need five ingredients and a blender. Grab some ice cubes, milk, sugar, frozen orange juice concentrate, and vanilla. Toss it into the blender and let it do its thing.   This is a refreshing drink that … Read more

Allowing Your Child to Choose His Own Discipline

choose discipline

It happened with God. Before you roll your eyes at me, consider the example given in scripture. God gave David three choices for consequences (discipline). David was allowed to choose from one of those three. David chose, instead, to let God choose which of the three punishments would be dealt. He wanted to be at the mercy of God rather than at the mercy of men. When your child is old enough to understand his … Read more

Learning to Leave

When God says “Go.” Learning to leave is not easy when we really want to stay. I suppose it wasn’t easy for Sarah when God told Abraham, “Get you out of this place and move to the land I will show you.” That would have been hard for me, I know. As nurturers and nesters, we like to have a place to stay and a place we belong. We enjoy the familiar and the comfortable. … Read more

Seasonal Summer Veggies

summer veggies

Summer veggies. Most garden vegetables can be used in a stir-fry dish. If you’re a fan of garlic and onions, those can be added. For this dish, I wanted to use up summer vegetables I purchased at the Farmer’s Market five days earlier. Most of these had been used in one dish or another, but there were enough left that, if combined, could provide a healthy supply of nutrition, color, and texture. Green beans, squash, … Read more