Getting Your Kid Ready for College


College Parent Six Times Over I’m not an authority on this subject because I’ve only sent six kids off to college. Every year for the past thirteen years, we have had one, two, or three kids in college. This fall I will have three in grad school (and paying their own way, so don’t feel sorry for us). My kids lived on campus and in apartments. Usually, their college was close enough that they were … Read more

Who Says We Have to Respect Authority?!

I walked the halls of my high school, dreading (yet hoping) that my teacher would be there.  ‘Used to be my teacher, that is. It had been a few years since I’d graduated, and the hallways seemed smaller than I remembered. Yet the place, the sounds, and the smells were still the same. I found him, back in his classroom at the end of the day when all the students had gone home. It was the … Read more

As She Crochets, She Prays

Ada prays as she crochets. The room is darker than light to her, but she can feel the warmth from the sun on her face as she sits at her living room window. Now 93, Ada spends most of her days in the home she shares with her sister. A former secretary, a school teacher in several states, and hostess at International Guest House in Washington DC, her world changed from light to dimness and now to … Read more

The Secret Giver

  Those cool spring evenings and cooler nights are some of my fondest memories of growing up, especially on May Day eve.  That was when we went to the woods and gathered buckets and tubs of wildflowers from the river bank, the shaded woodlands, and the swampy marshes along the winding dirt road. I won’t be there to help, but this year marks the 49th year of this May Basket tradition. To think: it started … Read more

Why Crisis Pregnancy Centers Could Be Shut Down

  Wouldn’t it be great if all the crisis pregnancy centers in our country closed down?! Shut down completely.  No crisis pregnancy centers anywhere around. We could close them if there was no longer a need. No more unwed mothers, pregnant teens, married or single moms trying to make a decision about an unwanted or unplanned pregnancy. It could happen. Most likely though, it won’t. I’ll tell you something else that would be awesome, and … Read more