Difficulties: When We Want to Pack Up and Go

See it through or pack up and go “I will be so glad when this day is over,” I told Dave that morning. “I know I’ll be okay, but I just want to get it behind me.” “The only problem,” he replied, “is there is no way out of this; you’ve got to go through it.” This was my first day on a new job. A new environment, new co-workers, new patients, and new protocol. … Read more

Homemade Four Cheese Ravioli


Four cheese ravioli at its best This four cheese ravioli recipe comes from my daughter. Kudos Sarah Beth who improvises, tastes, tweaks, and tests until she comes up with her own favorite dishes. For this four cheese ravioli recipe, you can use the pasta recipe she uses, or you can make your own. To get Sarah Beth’s recipe, click here. Make the dough, but don’t use the pasta maker. Instead, roll the dough out using … Read more

Marriage – Short Distance Sprinter or Long Distance Runner?

long distance runner

Which should it be? Short distance or long distance? Marriage can be like a marathon or it can be like a short distance sprint. There’s a difference. The question is: are you a short distance sprinter or a long distance runner? When a person does a sprint, he must prepare accordingly. The race won’t last long, but he must still be conditioned. When a person is physically well, he can do a sprint without experiencing … Read more

Tune My Heart

Altars of remembering We each have our monuments – our times, places, and ways of remembering.  As children of God, we also have altars: places where we have met God.  In numerous accounts in Biblical history, many altars and memorials were erected.   This was how God’s people confessed sin and offered praise. This was not only a way of life for God’s chosen people. It was a command. This was also how He kept tuning … Read more

Pico de Gallo Cabbage Slaw

pico de gallo

True Belizian Our family and church friends spent a delightful Sunday in the home of our friend Anna, whose mother is Belizian.  Anna’s parents live in Belize but have been visiting in the states for several months. This is a unique way to make a slaw and, if you like Belizian flavor, you’ll like this.  The recipe is simple and easy.  You’ll need cabbage, tomatoes, onions, cilantro, lime juice, olive oil, and salt and pepper. … Read more