Homemade Chicken Rice Soup

chicken rice soup

Delicious chicken rice soup. Homemade chicken rice soup! Whether you’re feeding a crowd or a small group, this soup will satisfy and warm you through. You can stretch it by adding more broth, more chicken, or more cream. My friend Shelley shared her recipe with me. You can add more or less seasoning, depending on your taste buds and the preferences of your family. Homemade chicken broth is by far the best. You control the … Read more

What it Means to Reset Your Kids

how to reset your child

“Reset” should have happened sooner. Yep. Reset your kids. It’s something you can do. But first, the back story. I’d struggled with my phone for days on end. Initially, the problem was wide-spread across several counties. For the most part, things got resolved but trouble kept happening with my phone. Sometimes it worked well, and other times it sputtered and resisted anything I wanted to do electronically. It seemed the wires were crossed and didn’t … Read more

3 Excuses for Not Participating in Kingdom Work

Catch-22 There are three things we use as reasons for not participating, supporting, or helping others. These same excuses were used by people thousands of years ago, and are chronicled in a story in the Bible. This parable involves a banquet where many people are invited but choose not to attend. Jesus was at the house of a Pharisee, and He was being closely watched. You’d think it was a political scenario, for folks were … Read more

Hot Fudge Cake

hot fudge cake

Mixing the cake. The easy part about making this hot fudge cake is that you mix it all up in the same pan you’ll bake it – and serve it. You’ll need the batter first, then the sugar and chocolate layer, and hot water poured on top. Bake and let set for about ten minutes, then serve. When life is busy and hectic or when you have little hands wanting to help bake, this recipe … Read more

On Potty Training

potty training

No kid – and no potty – is the same. Every child is different.  No matter how many children you potty train, it will be different with each one. Trust me, I know. Boys, especially, seem to take longer to catch on than girls. As the parent, you can decide if you want to train the child or if you want the child to train you. My sister potty trained three girls and thought it … Read more