“I’ll Have the Ribs.”

The man I love delights in ribs – but not as much as he delights in me (thankfully).  Especially since this summer – May 15, to be exact – he’s enjoyed asking for ribs when we go out to eat.  He grins at me as he orders, “I’ll have the ribs.” That’s because he broke five ribs this summer – including one that was called a comminuated fracture (which means it was splintered).  It was … Read more

Of Lice, Fleas, and Worms

As parents, we want our kids to be healthy and happy. We want them to be clean and free from disease and infections. We also want them to be able to play outside, to build and create, to have water and sand and dirt at their disposal. We want them to have pets to love and animals to enjoy. With those desires and their fulfillment, we sometimes experience not so pleasant things as parents. Worms … Read more

Airline Oxygen: Taking One for Yourself

Most of us don’t pay attention to the stewardess giving instructions prior to take-off on an airplane flight – if we’ve traveled a lot. We’ve heard it all so often that we think we’ve nothing else to learn. A few weeks ago, Dave and I did a lot of flying to visit two of our sons in the western states. During that time, we flew thousands of miles – taking off and landing five different … Read more

Coffee Can Bread

Coffee can bread is fun to make. When you’re looking for a dainty sandwich bread or an easy way to make sandwiches that can be served to children, try this idea.  You can use any bread recipe you’d like.  Pick your favorite, whether it’s whole wheat, oatmeal, rye, or basic white bread.  The photo above shows loaves from regular bread pans as well as coffee can loaves. Mix up the dough and let it rise.  Then, … Read more

On Moving Cattle from One Pasture to Another

I am a pro at moving cattle. Not. It seems I can never get it quite right. Except for the times that I do. Usually. The day Dave was moving cattle on a farm in another county, I was big as a barn with our fourth child. We had groundhogs on the farm, and four-year-old Timmy was afraid of groundhogs. He wasn’t, however, afraid of cows, heifers or bulls who were a gazillion pounds heavier than … Read more