What the Cow Pies Did to Our Berries – And Other Things


  Where it Started We’d been living in our new house for a few months when we found the blackberry bushes along a path by the woods. It was pretty slim picking, but we braved the thorns and thistles to reach in through the brambles to fill our buckets. I was delighted because every place we’d lived there had been blackberry bushes of some sort or another. This place was where we planned to stay, … Read more

Sometimes Mama’s Home Remedy Works the Best

I had never known a summer could be so hot. That summer, I thought that if heat could kill a person, I would die.  I wasn’t from Southside Virginia, and I wasn’t used to the temperatures and humidity in this part of the country. I’d come to work as the nurse at Camp Staunton Meadows for the summer and was unprepared for the blistering temperatures. Somehow, I survived. So did the campers. Many years later, … Read more

Why the Lights Should Be Left On

  More than one hundred years ago, a ship tried to enter the Cleveland harbor during a severe storm. The captain of the ship could see the bright light of the lighthouse in the harbor, but he couldn’t see the lower lights.  Yet those lower lights were necessary for captains to navigate their way into the harbor. Ships identified that center line for safe entry into a harbor by those lower lights. Without those lights, … Read more

Freedom is a Choice

In my younger days, I didn’t understand the freedom of choice. In my younger days, I wasn’t good at the “like water on a duck’s back” thing. But then, I wasn’t a duck. I’m still not a duck, but I’ve learned to quack less and just let the water run off instead of splashing and gnashing as human nature tempts me to do. Ducks are good at that. Their feathers are designed to shed water … Read more

Southwest Lights a Candle

June 8, 2015.  During a torrential downpour, my husband left for the airport.  It was an unscheduled, unplanned trip.  Our foster babies were already in bed, and we had envisioned enjoying a quiet house and evening together. But that phone call from a Southwest Airlines employee a few hours earlier had set the wheels in motion, and I watched my hubby drive out through the rain, knowing he was doing the right thing. The employee … Read more