Why the Curtain is Open!

I wonder how it felt to be able to walk right past that veil that had been torn in two and enter into that most sacred place: the Holy of Holies?!  Before the ripping, only the High Priest was allowed to go into the Holy of Holies – because God said that was how it was to be. The high priest was symbolic for the people: he represented them to God. The high priest was … Read more

How Playing as a Team Makes You a Winner

“It sure was fun having you on my team,” I told my daughter as we headed back to the house. We had just finished a Sunday afternoon football game in the front yard. “Yes, Mama,”my five-year-old replied. “It was good I was on your team, because if I wasn’t, a couple of times you would have been dead meat.” I smiled at  her response. She knew she was a valuable member of our team. We’d … Read more

Colored Easter Eggs

Coloring eggs for Easter was a yearly tradition.  I don’t know how many days the colored eggs sat in a basket on the kitchen table, but I am certain it was not just a day or two.  We ate them, and no one got sick. A week or two before Easter, our mother hard-boiled several dozen eggs. The oilcloth on the kitchen table was covered with newspapers as we filled mug after mug with different … Read more

Do I Have to Pray for My Enemy?

  The lawsuit against Dave’s father had made front page headlines in the small-town newspaper. A man of integrity and exceptional work, he was going to be taken to court by a disgruntled former client. Dave and I didn’t mind that the news hit the papers because all court information was public. What hurt was that some people actually believed the article and charged him as guilty before it ever went to court. They assumed … Read more

Arrival is a Reason to Celebrate!

    She called it her Arrival. Today, it has been twenty-four years. She has missed so much – but not as much as we have missed her! When Mom arrived in Heaven, she had a baker’s dozen grandchildren. Now there 29 grandchildren, 13 great-grandchildren and a few more on the way. No one can ever be completely prepared for the inevitable end of life, but Mom helped prepare us as she prepared herself. No … Read more