Saying “I’m Sorry” – No Ifs, Ands, or Buts

Saying “I’m sorry” can be so hard to do. It was a late Sunday afternoon and the sisters on the playground had been having a great time. One of them did something to upset the other one. Each of them wanted to tell me what the other one had done wrong, and neither was anxious to confess her own wrongdoing. The gentle playground scene changed instantly when the squabble began, and the swings and climbing … Read more

Southwest Lights a Candle

June 8, 2015.  During a torrential downpour, my husband left for the airport.  It was an unscheduled, unplanned trip.  Our foster babies were already in bed, and we had envisioned enjoying a quiet house and evening together. But that phone call from a Southwest Airlines employee a few hours earlier had set the wheels in motion, and I watched my hubby drive out through the rain, knowing he was doing the right thing. The employee … Read more

Circling the Wagons

As pioneer families loaded their wagons and set their eyes on western horizons, they had leaders in place to help them on their quest.  Hard–working men were called upon to be lieutenants, captains, horsemen, and guides.  Not many women ventured west alone; if they did, other families in the same wagon train helped provide shelter and protection for them. The wagon trains conquered territories and made it to the west because of the perseverance of … Read more

Clothesline Therapy

Back in the day when all six of my kids were still at home, I wrote this piece.  It’s published in my book Southside Glimmers.  I still use a clothesline, and sometimes my kids still help me hang out laundry.  And yes, bed sheets are still the best when they’ve been hung on a clothesline to dry.   More Than Just a Clothesline Summer Saturday nights were the best for sleeping.  After playing outside most of … Read more