Clothesline Therapy

Back in the day when all six of my kids were still at home, I wrote this piece.  It’s published in my book Southside Glimmers.  I still use a clothesline, and sometimes my kids still help me hang out laundry.  And yes, bed sheets are still the best when they’ve been hung on a clothesline to dry.   More Than Just a Clothesline Summer Saturday nights were the best for sleeping.  After playing outside most of … Read more

10 Kitchen Hacks

Some of these ideas might work for you, and some might be so far out in left field that it’s not even worth a try.  You might not have freezer space. Your budget might be too tight to stock up on twenty pounds of hamburger on sale.  That’s okay.  These are suggestions that can be used if they work for you.  Use these ideas to jump start your own, and you’ll be on your way … Read more

There’s a Snake in My House!

On that July morning, I had no idea that trouble had wound its way into my Eden. We found the snake behind my desk—all five feet of him stretched out beside the black computer cord, claiming territory in my office.     When he came, paradise left. You see, I don’t do snakes. I’ve done diapers, windows, and garbage. I’d helped build fence and stack wood. On rare occasions, I’ve emptied mouse traps. But I don’t … Read more

8 Tips on Moving with Kids – (That Moving Maze)

(Navigating Turbulent Waters When Your Child’s Safe Place Becomes Shaken.)   Moving can be stressful for parents. It can also be stressful for kids. Home should be a safe place for children. So should family. But when the place a child calls home changes, insecurities and adjustments are prevalent. When the waters are smooth, it’s easy to plan a move. Oftentimes, though, we hit choppy areas as we navigate through the maze of moving. Children … Read more

She Wouldn’t Turn Back

Ruth, a former Moabite woman, impacted each of us.  Although she lived 4000 years before us, her choices affect us today. The Moabites were descendants of Moab, the son of Lot (Abraham’s nephew) from an incestuous relationship with his own daughter.  The Moabite people were pagan; they did not worship Jehovah God.  So how did Ruth, a Moabitess, come to be in the genealogy of Jesus Christ?! That’s an interesting story.  There is a famine … Read more