The Art of Being a Mother – Part 3 of 7

Effective Management Are you organized or spontaneous? Which one is the right way to manage your household? Is the key organization, or is it spontaneity? Both ways are right – with a balance.  Don’t stifle your spontaneity, and don’t attempt to be unstructured if you’re wired for structure. Do recognize that a balance can help make for a happier studio. Planning ahead can help save time and frustration later, yet spontaneity brings fun and breath … Read more

To Speak or to Strike – That is the Question

Obedience can be as simple as speaking instead of striking a rock. We were following the story of Moses, the great leader of the Children of Israel from slavery in Egypt to the Promised Land. “Only problem was,” I told the class, “that after all those years of leading the people, God told Moses he would not enter that land of promise.” “Huh?” the kids asked.  “Why not?” So we read the story. “Tell me … Read more

Homemade Unbaked Cheesecake

This cheesecake is light and refreshing.  It can be made ahead and frozen.  You can serve it with fruit or plain – either way, it’s delicious. You can choose regular jello or sugar-free jello and decrease the sugar if you’re wanting to decrease the calories. The ingredients are lemon jello, evaporated milk, cream cheese and sugar.  For the crust, you’ll need melted butter and crushed graham cracker crumbs.  Adding a small amount of confectioner’s sugar … Read more

The Art of Being a Mother – Part 2 of 7

  The Art of Being a Mother – Part 2 Building Monuments  Anybody who wants to build something needs to follow a blueprint and have a good foundation. It doesn’t work well to just wing it even though there are days when we do end up “winging it”. Even before the blueprint and the foundation, you have to have a plan on how to complete the job. Putting that foundation down and making sure it … Read more

Finding My Great-Grandpa’s Grave

“This is a broken world, and we are broken people.” What do you do about a dark thread in your family’s past?  How do you handle the grief of years past?  Is there hope and healing for those who suffer such loss? A guest post by Dorcas Smucker, who blogs at Life in the Shoe . Dorcas has a column “Letter from Harrisburg” in The Register-Guard.   Finding My Great-Grandpa’s Grave The last few years, I’ve … Read more