Why We Can Sing At The Grave

We left the graveyard today with the reminder that the grave is not the end.  It is merely the beginning.  Again, we were reminded that life will go on – and that death is as much a reality of life as is birth. We need these reminders and these times to help us recognize our own mortality.  We also need them to help solidify our faith. Dave’s uncle Rob spent his last years with a … Read more

Homemade Scalloped Potatoes

  When I make this recipe, I am back in my mother’s kitchen on a winter evening.  I remember the day I wanted to learn how she made her scalloped potatoes.  There really wasn’t anything to it, she said.  All I needed, she assured me, was potatoes, milk, salt and pepper, and a few dabs of butter. Baking potatoes work best.  Wash the potatoes, then peel them.  Slice into thin slices and put them into … Read more

Four Ways To Help Our Kids Fight Their Own Battles


  A Mama bear battles for her kids. When it comes to things concerning my kids, I am a mama bear. Biological or foster kids, it matters not. When anyone messes with my cubs, I am a growling, pawing bear. The only problem is that becoming a maniac is not biblical – nor does it represent Jesus well. Granted, when money changers sold things in the temple, Jesus showed anger as He upset tables and drove out … Read more

Homemade Rye Wheat Bread

This recipe produces a moist, rich bread.  In addition to rye, wheat and white flour, you will need eggs, instant potatoes, margarine (or butter), milk, salt, sugar and yeast. Don’t panic because of the ingredients.  It’s still an easy recipe. You’ll dissolve the yeast in warm water, then mix the dry ingredients together.  Add the melted margarine (or butter) and milk to the yeast mixture and all the dry ingredients to the wet mixture. For … Read more