Why He’s Not a Stranger Anymore

  Have you ever wondered what it would have been like to actually be here on this earth when Jesus was here?  Imagine sitting down with Him for breakfast by the Galilean Sea – a breakfast that He had made. Imagine watching Him touch the eyes of blind folks – and watching their response when they could see. Imagine watching Him reaching out to children, holding them in His lap. And imagine watching the lepers … Read more

“What Do You Do For Entertainment?!”

foster parent

  “So what, pray tell,” the voice on the phone sighed in exasperation, “do you do for entertainment?!” I smiled as I looked around the room.  At that very moment, my little guys were marching around the room, beating on tin pie pan drums.  Newspapers shaped into boat hats were perched on their heads, and their little feet kept time to the rat-a-tat-tat of their drums.  We’d been to town earlier that week and watched … Read more

Graham Cracker Pudding

Graham Cracker Pudding takes me back to my childhood when picnics and church potluck dinners had every imaginable dessert – including this dish – from which to choose. Dave and I had only one prenuptial agreement, and that was about graham crackers. You see, I grew up on Honey Maid graham crackers, and it’s the only brand I eat – if I can help it. A few months before we were married, we were in a … Read more

How to Pray The Heart of God For Your Kids

  ‘You want to know the best way to learn about somebody you’ve never met?  Read about the things that were important to them.  Read the things they themselves said or wrote.  Talk to people who rubbed shoulders with them.  It’s a perfect blueprint for finding accurate information. You want to know the best way to pray for your kids and people who are important to you?  Read about the things that are important to … Read more

Six Things That Make Me Cry


This story was published in 2001 and is found in the book Southside Glimmers.   Don’t you just love that lump-in-your-throat-happy-feeling?     I believe in tears. Oh, the wonder of tears! They can be healing — as well as revealing. I especially prefer the lump-in-my-throat kind of tears—the “warm, fuzzy feeling” kind of tears, the “ain’t life grand!” kind of tears. While I prefer to do my  “woe is me” crying in private, I don’t begrudge … Read more