Fresh Homemade Apple Pie

  I know that a freshly baked apple pie is the very best – especially when it’s homemade. I  have a recipe for  homemade apple pie filling, and that’s usually my go-to for apple pie.  When you’re out of ingredients for a freshly-baked pie, homemade apple pie filling  is next best.  If you want to can some homemade pie filling, go to that recipe. One day as I was out and about, I got a text … Read more

Why Homemade is Better Even When It Takes More Time

We came in from caroling, chilled to the bone. Layers of clothing or extra scarves and gloves hadn’t kept the cold out as much as we had hoped. “Mama,” one of the kids asked, “can we have some hot chocolate?” “Sure, I answered, “but it’ll have to be made from scratch — we’re almost out of the individual packs.” “Oh no!” I heard his response. “Yours isn’t sweet enough!” What a joke! I thought. They like store-bought … Read more

How Our Thoughts Shape Our Destiny

  I’m still adapting to writing the New Year: 2016. It always takes time, but before I know it, I’ll be writing the correct year without realizing that I’ve made the adjustment. That’s how life is. A thought enters our minds and before we know it, we are following the trail of that thought without realizing where it came from or where we will end up by riding that train. We follow perceptions without considering … Read more

5-Bean Chili Soup

There are as many different ways to make chili soup as there are potato salad. Over the years, I’ve added and changed until I’ve got a method for chili soup madness.  I usually make several gallons and put some in the freezer.  When our kids were small, they didn’t like chili soup if it had kidney beans in it.  So I used pinto beans.  Then I gradually added kidney beans with the pinto beans.  Over … Read more

How To Keep News Years’ Resolutions from Reverting to Default

new year

  There are two problems with resolutions.  If we can nix those problems, we can complete the resolutions.  Trouble is, we end up reverting to default because we don’t do the nix. First, we set such high goals that we become discouraged and give up before the first month is gone. Second, even though we might have some good goals, we don’t really have a definitive plan to complete them. Before we know it, we’re … Read more