What the Cow Pies Did to Our Berries – And Other Things


  Where it Started We’d been living in our new house for a few months when we found the blackberry bushes along a path by the woods.  It was pretty slim picking, but we braved the thorns and thistles to reach in through the brambles to fill our buckets.  I was delighted because every place we’d lived there had been blackberry bushes of some sort or another.  This place was where we planned to stay, … Read more

I Am That Mean Mama

He came through the back door, holding his finger in front of him for me to see. “Yook, Mama,” he said. “There was a yittle boy outside who hurt his finger, and he needs his Mama to kiss it. And you are that Mama!” I smiled as I bent down to inspect the hurt finger. “And you must be that little boy,” I responded as I offered my medicinal kiss. Yes, I am “that Mama”. … Read more

Basic Homemade Bread

  I am of the opinion that nothing spells comfort better than a slice of homemade bread fresh out of the oven.  I’m also of the opinion that bread tastes best when it’s baked in an outdoor oven or in a wood cook stove. And, since I’m giving my opinion, let me just tell you this: I also think that, when it comes to baking bread in an outdoor oven, the actual recipe isn’t as … Read more

The River Stops Here

  I’ve never been to Israel or the Middle East.  If I ever had the opportunity to visit the Holy Land, there is one place I’d like to visit: the Jordan River and its seas.  I’d especially like to wade along the shores of the Sea of Galilee. So much of Jesus’ ministry played out along its shores. It was near this sea that He fed the multitudes; here He healed and restored so many … Read more

A DIY Color-Coded Calendar for the Entire Family

With all the electronic gadgets available to us today, why is it still so hard to keep up with a family’s  schedules?  One reason is that small children don’t have access to the devices we adults use.  Another reason is that since these gadgets need to be opened to specific “pages” for the schedules to be viewed, the information is not easily accessible to everyone at any given time. Children need to learn to be … Read more