Homemade Pizza Dough

My family loves homemade pizza.    The recipe for the pizza dough comes from my sister Loretta, who lives in Nebraska.  She’s a mom to five and grandmother of twenty-one.  I snarfed this recipe from her when we visited in Nebraska many years ago.  It’s simple and easy to make.  Olive oil and regular dough ingredients such as flour, sugar, yeast and salt make up this recipe.
PIZZA dough

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Our house was dubbed Linger Longer by the folks who built the house in 1927.  We’ve lived here for 21 years, and I’ve cooked a mess of meals in this kitchen!  Families have their own recipe favorites, and so does mine.  In this section, you’ll find recipes that are used most often in our kitchen at Linger Longer.   These are the ones I turn to readily, and I hope you’ll enjoy them as well.

A Wall or a Bridge?

How I missed those signs those first few days is beyond me.  Maybe they just hadn’t been there before.  But you can’t miss ‘em now.  There are fourteen of them, planted firmly between each flowering pear tree along the driveway.  Facing the neighbor, each sign firmly states:  Posted:  No Trespassing (and etc.) It’s a pretty place, this road, especially in the spring.  But there’s gonna be a damper this year, because where the trees used … Read more

Joy to the World in January

Christmas cheer in January is a special treat when women come to our church and are served a Christmas dinner.  It is a traditional meal of turkey, real mashed potatoes with homemade turkey gravy, baked southern corn pudding, green beans, congealed salad, freshly baked homemade rolls, and apple or pumpkin pie capped with ice cream or cool whip.  Topped with a cup of coffee served in a cheerful Christmas mug, the evening is complete as … Read more

Remembering in January Sunsets


The days have been cold here, and the nights even colder.  At dusk, the sunsets have been beautiful. From the inside looking out, I’ve watched the orange-gold sun setting behind barren trees, lighting the sky with one final nod before it settles in the western sky. Morning comes, and the birds are vying for spaces at the bird feeder.  I watch them, sipping hot tea with locally made honey and lemon.  And I remember my … Read more