Pico de Gallo Cabbage Slaw

Our family and church friends spent a delightful Sunday in the home of our friend Anna, whose mother is Belizian.  Anna’s parents live in Belize but have been visiting in the states for several months. This is a unique way to make a slaw and, if you like Belizian flavor, you’ll like this.  The recipe is simple and easy.  You’ll need cabbage, tomatoes, onions, cilantro, lime juice, olive oil, and salt and pepper. Without the … Read more

Why We Need To Call 9-1-1

Before I went to bed on September 10, 2001, I knew what I was going to do the next day: sleep. I’d been fighting a cold from allergies, changing weather and the germs my kids probably brought home from school. Because I tend to lapse into a drunken stupor when I take medication for a cold or allergies, I delay until I just can’t take it anymore. I’d spent that day getting my work caught … Read more

How She Happened to Sing His Favorite Song


I had those days when I’d head to work, expecting to do my job and not expecting that God would show up in any special way.  Sure, I asked for His blessing, for wisdom and for protection.  And I asked Him to guide me through my shift.  And then sometimes, God showed up in such a way that I knew He was saying to me, “Watch this.”  This was one of those days.  Every time … Read more

Italian Grilled Chicken

  This Italian grilled chicken is one of our favorite grilled dishes.  We’ve served it to a lot of folks on our deck during the summer – up to thirty folks at a time. Marinate the chicken all day, allowing it to thaw.  I use a Tupperware container that has a deep lid and a deep bottom.   I just flip the container, which makes to let the dressing seep through.  Turn it every couple … Read more

Why I Spent a Day Doing Nothing

  I should have been inside today — cleaning out stuffed drawers, crammed bookcases, and weary closets.   I could have felt the breeze and heard the birds from my open windows.   I chose instead to ignore the call of spring-cleaning and spend the day doing only, as some folks would say, absolutely nothing. But do you call ten minutes on the swing in the tree house yard, looking up through the green branches … Read more