Giving Your Kid What is Best – Even When It Hurts

  As hard as it is, if our love is real, we’ll give our kids what is best  – even when it hurts.  In the throes of raising kids, sometimes it’s just plain hard to keep that goal in mind.  It’s hard to focus on where I want my child to be then  when it’s so painful now. The little girl in this story is now grown; she will be a senior at Virginia Tech this fall. … Read more

Old Fashioned Apple Dumplings

Apple dumplings – what a treat! Summer is here produce is bountiful.  There are so many choices of fruits and vegetables.   Canning season is in progress and before we know it, autumn will be here. This is the recipe that my mother used, and it comes from The Mennonite Community Cookbook. I grew up with this recipe, but my mother didn’t use red hot candies in the sauce.  I married a man whose mother did  … Read more

A Survey For My Readers

  It’s August.  That means summer is nearly over and schools are about to open.  Have you been as busy as I have?! If you’ve been reading my blog regularly, would you help me out by filling out this survey via Survey Monkey?  It will  help me learn to know my readers better.  I hope to get a feel for the struggles you have and the trials you face. And, in case you’re wondering, I … Read more

Persistence: A Mother’s Fight


Plucky Mama. She is a plucky little thing, our wren. But then, she’s a mother, and I haven’t met a mom yet who wasn’t plucky when it came to her children.  She definitely has that nesting instinct! I first discovered evidence of her pluck when it was time to do laundry one Monday morning. The kids were in school, and when I reached into my clothespin bag hanging on the screened-in porch, I found a … Read more

Best Garlic Sweet Dill Pickles

You will love these garlic sweet dill pickles because they are the best!  The flavor of garlic with dill is awesome.  They’re great on grilled burgers, chicken salad, or ham and cheese sandwiches.  Oh yes, they’re pretty good just by themselves – which is why an opened jar never lasts long at my house. Not only are they delicious, they’re also soooo easy to do. We’re talking the usual sugar, vinegar, water and salt; add … Read more