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Out of the Shadows [My Journey with Complex Mental Illness] – A New Book

The Shadows

complex mental illnessKathy has complex mental illness. Her diagnosis  includes schizophrenia and OCD.

I learned to know Kathy when I was in high school because she was the younger sister of a friend. When her sister and I went on two-mile walks to solve the world’s problems, Kathy and I smiled at each other before her sister and I started our walks. I knew Kathy struggled because for a time, the entire left side of her head was bald. I did not know why.

Kathy grew up with shadows surrounding her. She could not explain the shadows or the fears because she did not understand them herself. Her family wanted to help, but it was hard because she could not explain herself.

Out of the Shadows My Journey with Complex Mental Illness tells Kathy’s story and the story of her family. The book chronicles the journey to find help, healing, and wholeness.  If you struggle in areas like Kathy or if you have a family member who struggles, this book will give you insight on acceptance, boundaries, and communication.

The healing of complex mental illness

God did not perform an instant miracle to bring Kathy healing. He did not give open and shut answers. Nor did He answer prayers as soon as they were prayed. Yet through faith, medication, trust, and friendships, Kathy has experienced healing. She continues to be on medication, but she is more whole than she ever has been. This is her story, told in her words and with her perception.

Kathy found that photography helped in her journey for healing. The photos you see in this coffee-table book are hers. You will enjoy the photos as well as her story.

Helping Kathy find a voice to tell her story has been a journey for me, as well. I continue to be amazed at the care (including necessary boundaries) her family provided, even when life was most difficult. I cannot applaud them more!

For many, many years, Kathy lived in the shadows surrounding her dismal world. Today (even though there is no change of diagnosis), Kathy walks in the Light. Her story is one of Hope, and her desire is that you can find hope in your journey.

You can purchase this book from Masthof Press, from Amazon (soon), or by emailing Kathy at You can also contact me at

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There is a book signing on Friday, June 24, 2022 from 3-5PM at The Casselman on main street in Grantsville, Maryland. This is my hometown and is just a few miles from where Kathy grew up, across the Pennsylvania line.

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