Mama’s Apron

My Mama’s apron hangs in  The Casselman, a restaurant in my hometown.

Mama’s Apron


When Mama wore her apron
(Which was nearly every day)
We knew that things would carry on
In the-usual-sort-of-way.
When Mama put her apron on,
We knew that there’d be work;
Indeed, she’d be willing us to help –
How she’d frown to find us shirk!


When Mama wore her apron,
We knew that things were right;
For whatever work she’d find to do,
She did it with her might.
When Mama put her apron on,
It hid her work-worn dress;
She never took it off unless
She wore her Sunday best.


When Mama put her apron on
‘Twas in the morning light;
And leave it on she always did
Until day changed to night.
When Mama wore her apron
It meant things were okay.
We didn’t have to worry
About what we’d face that day.
This apron belonging to my mama hangs in my kitchen in southern Virginia
Mama doesn’t wear her apron now;
She doesn’t need it anymore.
Instead, she’s wearing Heaven’s robes
And walking Heaven’s shore.
She doesn’t need her apron
Because her work is done, you see.
She doesn’t wear her apron –
She left it here for me.


Some days, I put that apron on
And wear it for a while,
And try to hear her voice again –
(Now that would make me smile!)
Sometimes, I wear her apron
‘Cause I need a mother’s touch
When life is hard to handle
And I’m missing her so much.


Sometimes I put her apron on –
And  remember how it felt
When I was just a little child
And home was all my wealth.
I think of her so often
When I hold her apron dear,
And remember how she prayed for us
Each day of every year.


Mama doesn’t wear her apron;
She doesn’t need it Where she’s gone.
Yet many are the lonesome days
 I miss her voice in song.
She doesn’t need her apron
‘Cause Heaven she has claimed!
On this Mother’s Day, I treasure
All the memories that remain.

Photo credit: the photo of the apron hanging in

The Casselman Restaurant

was taken by Merv Brenneman

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