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Let the Redeemed of the Lord Say So!

say soWho says so.

If you’re one of the redeemed of the Lord, then say so! Don’t be afraid to look back, because in doing so, you recount the grace and the mercies of God.

What did He do for you this past year? What mountains did you climb, and what valleys brought you low? Tell it!

Did you find His grace enough or was it barely dribbling by the time the year was up? Was there abundance of grace when you needed it most, or did you have to call for reinforcements? Say So.

Don’t be afraid to look back. 2020 was a difficult year, so let others know. Recognize that your wanderings took you to unseen places with a God who never forsook you.

It’s a new year, and I am looking forward. To do that, I must first look back. You know what I discovered? I found that the things that were hardest were made bearable and do-able because of an abundance of grace.  I just want to Say So.

Psalm 107 pronounces the provision of God for His weary people. Our weariness comes from disruption, travel, exile, tension, poor health, and fractured relationships. In the time this Psalm was written, His people had suffered exile and slavery. Looking back, they are challenged to remember the mercies and faithfulness of God, and to Say So (verse 2). If you’re His child, then Say So.

Why we must Say So.

He delivers and He provides. These instances are specific to the people of Israel, and to us.

  • His goodness and enduring devotion
  • redemption and gathering us in
  • He fills the hungry and satisfies the thirsty
  • brings us out of darkness and death
  • releases our chains and saves us from distress
  • heals and rescues
  • saves from storms
  • turns rivers into deserts, and pours springs of water into thirsty ground.
  • turns dry land into flowing springs

In our barrenness, emptiness, hunger, and darkness, He brings redemption. This is why we must Say So.

Keep on saying so.

It’s a new year. Fifty-two weeks of unknowns. Over 360 nights and days of unknowns. This we know: He leads us and guides us each day. In this new year, I want to keep on trusting Him and following Him through all the unknowns and upheavals in life.

When He gathers, rescues, satisfies, and shelters with loving devotion in each day of the year, I want to Say So.

He is God. He is real. We must remember to declare it, not just by how we live, but by the words we proclaim. I want to remember to Say So. Will you join me?


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